Breezy summer cardigan!

Here in Las Vegas it gets hot pretty quick  –  and it is a no-brainer what to wear on those hot summer days. The tricky part is the evening weather, it gets colder towards the night and I always find myself searching for a light cardigan or a jacket that I can throw on and feel comfy, yet summery.

I love how many different colors this fabric has, that being said – it can probably go with more than just a white tank top and jeans. You can dress it up or down, add a statement necklace or a scarf. Multiple possibilities to play around! Let’s get to it!


Time: about 3 hrs

Pattern: find your free pattern here. It is a good pattern and not many alterations are needed. I accidently stumbled upon it while I was looking for fabric on Lucky me!

Fabric: this fabric is stretch sportswear knit, it is also see through and cost me $1.50 from… Wal-mart:) The lady in fabric department told me that once every now and then they get a delivery of  nice fabrics, so I should check back every 3 weeks. Well, here we are! Any stretch or even non-stretch fabric should do for this pattern, as it is flowy and not necessarily skin-tight.



Skills: novice/intermediate. Since it is a stretch knit fabric – it can get tricky… Luckily I have serger, that Jared got my last year and it does the magic when you work with knits. If you don’t – zigzag stitch and double needle are your best friends.

Remarks: the pattern is really straight forward and self-explanatory, it has visual and written instructions, which really helps. I would have done differently the side seam of the front and back bottom panels. It does this little curve, which I don’t really mind, but next time I will pay attention to make sure that it doesn’t dip like that. I might trace the bottom part as a whole one part all together (if the width of the fabric allows). Other than that – I might alter the width of the edge band, I would like it to be a bit smaller and delicate. All together I think it is a good project for serger and for knit fabric, it can also be made in may different fabrics and variations.

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Will I reuse the pattern? Yes, with some alterations.

Accessories: maybe a belt to hold it in place, since this cardigan does not feature any buttons or closures.






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  1. That is 100% beautiful. I would never of thought of creating a warm-weather cardigan, and I’m so glad that you did! It would be awesome for older chic’s like myself who feel the occasional desire to cover something up while still staying cool. Wonderful fabric, too – I didn’t even know Walmart sold fabric!


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