My flower power #froufroudress

2 weekends ago was my baby shower, and it only seemed right and proper that I should a.) have a frou-frou dress and b.) it should be pretty and pink. Because people expect you to look kind of like an Easter egg at your baby shower, right?

Here she is in all her glory… a #froufroudress, indeed:


Planning for this began a long time ago. Things got simplified from the first sketch, and I’m very pleased with what resulted (lesson learned: editing is good). The final sketch I was working off of is below. Obviously, a few things changed. I really wanted to do those butterfly sleeves in silk chiffon, but it just wasn’t me. I can do pretty in pink, but not that pretty!


What’s kind of smart about this design (I think!) is that the top and the underdress are separates! When you are pregnant and have very few things you can fit into, you need as many options as possible.

So here’s the underdress alone:

under dress

As you can see, it can be super casual, or I can add a blouse to dress it up a bit. The base pattern was the blouse from Simplicity 1359 (good maternity wardrobe builder). I just lengthened to a dress, subtracted the sleeves, and added ruching at the front.

So if the underdress is the workhorse, then the topper is… the purebred stallion? All brushed and shiny and spared no expense? What I’m trying to say is, this was the couture element of the design, and it was SUPER fun to make.

First of all, I love this beautiful floral eyelet fabric! It came from a sari-type garment I got at a thrift store ages ago. Rescued from the refashion basket and finally put to use!

floral print

patternBase pattern at left; I made this once before as a dress (which, oddly enough, I wore to my bridal shower!). This time, it’s a vest with a zippered opening at center front and a faux button closure.

The sash was totally unnecessary; but I liked having it there. Homage to the butterfly sleeves that were never to be. Also, this was fabric that was originally intended to be my wedding veil. I thought it was kinda symbolic and cool to be wearing it for a baby shower instead.

A cheesy photo me and DH took… we are both laughing about how silly this is (but secretly I am loving it!!). Photo credits to him; pose credits to me!


Tons more construction details and thoughts about maternity sewing in general on my blog. Thanks for reading, and happy sewing!

8 thoughts on “My flower power #froufroudress

  1. That was very smart of you to do such a versatile outfit! Every garment really does count in pregnancy. Wishing you a good rest of the pregnancy and a safe delivery!


    • Thank you! I think it’s really cool when you get a picture from a blog shoot that you actually want to print for your photo album! I’d like to do that for a couple of these… definitely that last one!


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