I hope I don’t anger Miss Bossy…

So I haven’t entirely followed the rules; I was supposed to make an outfit, wasn’t I? Unfortunately, I’m stash shopping at the moment as I’m too poor for new fabric, and I had literally nothing that would go with this, the only floral in my entire house.


I’m really not a flowers kinda gal. I like skinny jeans and big clumpy boots so it’s kind of surprising that I even had one floral in my stash, but I’d bought it with this skirt in mind. And it’s everything I dreamed of.

So here’s the tedious link between these two garments, I made them both for my holiday wardrobe and therefore there is the possibility I might one day be wearing this skirt and need to throw on that kimono to cover my poor sunburnt shoulders – even though they don’t go together, AT ALL. I’d rather look unfashionable and save my precious skin, amirite?


There’s more info on the making of these on my blog. The skirt is here; and the kimono is here. I recommend the skirt post in particular for a cautionary tale about why pinking shears should be avoided when tired…

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