Abstract floral panel tee

Sewing for summer months can be challenging, especially when you’re not so sure if you’re OK with being half naked, despite the fact that it gets VERY hot here (today was an exception – it was raining and storming, so bad  – we stayed without power in the house for about 2 hrs), in Las Vegas. Late spring and early summer can still come with some breezy weathers, and thank God for that, therefore you need something simple, something stylish and… something quick to make! This DIY is perfect if you need to whip up something quickly!


Original blog post on GoAskAlisa.com

Pattern: this pattern is available for free from one of my favorite sewing bloggers www.sewdifferent.co.uk. She is so interesting with her fabric and pattern choices, she also makes her own patterns – which is awesome! Thank you!

Fabric: happy to say – this pattern is perfect for stash busting! I used remnant pieces from previous patterns, and we all know how difficult it is to part with your fabric scraps. I used – satin for side panels, floral abstract stretch satin for front panel, white chiffon and blue crepe for layered sleeves, and grey rayon for the back.

Skills: novice. This pattern is really great to suit novice skill level, as it is easy to understand and pretty straight forward to put it together. Plus, it won’t discourage you time wise – as you can make this top in 2 hrs! Pretty sweet!

Remarks: pattern is available in M size. I am S size, therefore instead of re-sizing it, I cut it without seam allowances, to insure that I get the right size. You can do so many crazy color combinations to make it more fun. Also, I added the fun part of layered sleeves –  I don’t really know, I just felt like it. But all in all the pattern is good, straight forward and no alterations needed.

Accessories: necklace from New York Style and Pandora bracelet

I love this panel tee, it can be dressed up or down. It is easy and, oh so comfy to wear! Just LOVE!



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  1. Thanks for your great comments. I love your version of the Panel Tee. I was wondering if I would be able to use it on my Facebook page (and reference / link to your website of course)?


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