Announcing the June challenge

May is here so it’s time to announce the June challenge and you should know by now what that means!

Oh yes…

It’s Indie Pattern Month time!

We’ve been working really hard organising for this major Monthly Stitch event since January – that’s how long it takes to decide on competition themes, contact all our fabulous potential sponsors and squeal over the amazing goodies we get to give away for the whole month of June!

Every year (this is our 4th IPM!) we say it will be bigger and better than ever…and this year, as always, it totally is!

FOUR competition themes

THREE super secret surprises

TWO pattern swaps


ONE bonus competition!

This year our competition themes are all based on your feedback so we hope you love them as much as we do.

That’s the full extent of your teaser, stick around for more details over the next few days 😉

Indie Pattern Month cannot happen without our amazing sponsors. Every year they are super generous and throw their support behind The Monthly Stitch and our wonderful Collective, that’s you guys!

We have some returning sponsors this year and also lots of new ones to keep things exciting!

Let’s check out who they are:



All these fabulous sponsors have contributed to our amazing prize pool and some of them have also offered discount codes which we will announce in a couple of days.

As with every year, it you’re not into sewing contests that’s quite ok! Indie Patterns are still the overall June challenge and we’d love you to sew and share your indie pattern projects with us on the blog.

Leading up to June we will also run the pdf and envelope pattern swaps that were so popular last year. Details will be posted tomorrow about how to sign up and the rules. It’s a great chance to discover new patterns and challenge other members.

Keep checking back here over the next few days for more information including the competition themes, discount codes, and the prizes! 🙂

Oh yes, and of course a super secret announcement around mid-May that we are exploding with excitement about!

We’ll also be launching our dedicated IPM2016 page to help you keep up with all the details.

Feel free to ask any questions below and remember to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more IPM2016 news.

So, how excited are you? Which sponsors are your favourites? What competition theme do you hope to see announced in the next few days?




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  5. Whoop! Thank you guys SO much for the work you have been doing since January (!!!!!) to make this happen for us. Such an exciting month and HUGE workload for you lovely ladies. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us this time. Every year I have learnt so much about new to me pattern companies and patterns. Thanks again – you are both ‘sewing machines’ 😉

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