Finally Finished Florally Goodness

So/ sew friends, I finished this this morning which I realise is a day late but if I don’t post now it will never happen!

I did complete 2 UFOs (and they were even green!) during February and I didn’t get a chance to post them so I determined to post about this make.

I seem to be sewing again, which is something considering the general lack of anything shared here!

I made this skirt using a mashed up (very mashed) version of a cynthia rowley pattern by simplicity 2512. I used the back panel and cut it on the fold twice for the underskirt and then sort of made up the over skirt bit.

The underskirt is in a bright yellow broadcloth which is also the same fabric as the waistband and then I used an organza type fabric with embroidered daisies over the top. I hand stitched the non embroidered selvages up into the skirt by hand (those who know me may keel over with shock here) and I hand stitched the back of the waistband in too – alll whilst watching a film with subtitles – I can hardly believe my own brilliance *wink*.

I wore this to church this morning and it received admiration from young (3 years) and old (grown ups).

 I love this colour combo. It does make me realise though I need some other kind of top to wear with it as the black doesn’t really spin my wheels.

What colour combos spin your wheels? Can’t wait to see who/ what at TMS has inspired you this month. I definitely feel inspired by you all and I’m looking forward to making and sharing about someone who has inspired me.

love you more than buttercups xxx

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