Flower Power, the Miss Bossy Way

The country of Sweden is divided into 25 provinces. These are non-administrational but are very much part of our historic and cultural identities. They each have their own weapon and as time has passed they have also gotten animals, fish, food, songs and flowers (and much more such as basic elements (why?), rocks, apples, star constellations).

Now, I live in the southernmost province of Skåne, Scania in English. According to a colleague at work, who is not from here, it is one of the most self-patriotic provinces in Sweden. I probably live up to that. This skirt lives up to this. Can you guess which flower is Skåne’s province flower?

Why, of course, it’s the Daisy! This fabric is 100% viscose from Stoff och Stil and while I don’t particularly like working with viscose, but the print was too pretty to pass up, when I found a skirt-sized piece in the remnant bin. So, it’s been sitting in my room for a while, waiting for me to gather courage to use it and The Monthly Stitch’s theme of Flower Power was just the push I needed to cut this fabric.

I kept it simple. The pattern is the Coco from Jenny Hellström’s book Sy! Från hood till skjortklänning. It is a dirndl skirt and to be honest I could probably have “drafted” this myself. But if I have a pattern where someone has taken the time to figure out proportions I might as well use it. I am lazy, it was easy.

Of course, I didn’t get away this easily as Miss Bossy revealed herself and demanded that we’d either sew with two fabrics or make an outfit. I chose the outfit option and my seer-sucker blouse promptly moved up my to sew list. The seer-sucker is another remnant bin find and since I’m a big fan of discrete prints and textures it was right up my alley. I contemplated a whole lot of patterns, in the end I settled for Kwik Sew 3620, with its cute sleeves. I omitted the dart ties and made the back darts wider, other than that it’s pretty close to the original pattern. I was a bit disappointed that the shaping wasn’t as prominent in my final version as I thought it would be, but the blouse still works. A perfect, cool (temperature wise) summer blouse!

ETA: My blog post about the skirt

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