IPM2016: Sponsor Discounts – May

Indie Pattern Month is all about celebrating Indie Pattern Designers and our favourite online sewing stores.

Some of our sponsors have been extra generous and offered discount codes so we can try their patterns! Yay!

Perhaps you’ve had your eye on a particular pattern for a while? Or thinking about trying a new designer?

Please show our sponsors your love and support them this Indie Pattern Month:

Itch to Stitch 20% off until 10 May, code: its-ipm2016 (discount corrected 04/05/2016)

IndieSew 15% off any one items in the pattern shop or fabric shop until 14 May, code: IPM2016

Deer & Doe 10% off entire catalog until 15 May, code: INDIEPATTERNMONTH2016

Muse 15% off until 18 May, code: IPM2016

Ralph Pink Patterns 20% off all patterns until 31 May, code: INDIMONTH46

Maison Fleur Patterns 25% off until 31 May, code: indiepattern16

Colette 10% off until 31 May, code: INDIEMONTH

Islander Sewing Systems 15% off all Islander Sewing Systems branded products until 15 July, code: STITCH


There will be a second round of discounts in June so keep you blog reader pointed our way 🙂

Tonight we’re also launching our dedicated Indie Pattern Month 2016 page. This is the easiest way to keep up to date with everything Indie Pattern Month right through until July. We’ll keep this page up to date with links to all the important posts (like this one!) so that you don’t have to go hunting when the blog gets busy.

You can always find the link to this page in the top menu, right next to The Monthly Stitch logo. It’s looking a little sparse right now but pop over for quick look, in the next few days it will start to fill up very fast!

See you back here tomorrow for our first contest announcement, exciting!


6 thoughts on “IPM2016: Sponsor Discounts – May

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