Print Mixing & Gingham… inspired by That Black Chic!

It only took me about 2 seconds to figure out which Monthly Stitcher inspires me the most… it’s “That Black Chic.” TONS of color and print mixing and fun, a very funky 70s vibe… she’s not afraid of ANYTHING. Plus I love all the location shoots in Philly since I used to live there! Some of her makes that I really dig:

black chic inspo

Top Left: Color Blocked Tunic | Right: Rum Punch African Print Dress
Bottom Left: Two Shirt Dresses | Right: African Print Blazer + Gingham Shorts

After doing some serious internet stalking (and fabric drooling… WHERE does she get these prints??), I sketched up a design I liked: a yoked top with some rambunctious print mixing in it, and a pair of gingham shorts to go with it.


I’m happy to say this outfit is a.) not at all like what I usually wear b.) really, really FUN c.) my new favorite thing to wear!!
front 1


I constructed the yoke for my top basically the same as she did on her color-blocked tunic. Love how all the colors and prints somehow work together!

yoke close up

(BTW – the exposed zip was an attempt to make this top nursing friendly, so I guess that’s also an homage to Operation Boob, initiated by another Monthly Stitcher.  As I have never nursed before, I’m not sure how much room you really need, but I’m feeling like maybe the zipper is too short to allow adequate boob access?? Only time will tell…)

For the gingham shorts, I wanted to go for a track short look. So, I pulled the side seams forward a bit and had the back piece overlap the front. I cut the front on the bias to accentuate these design features.

shorts crossover

And, yes, there is still a knit maternity panel in there! I did it in white so it wouldn’t show through the top too much. But my pants are technically up to here:


Thanks to That Black Chic for inspiring me to try something new! I LOVE this look and can’t wait to rock it this summer… the perfect look for a Memorial Day barbecue, don’t you think?

More construction details on my blog. Thanks, as always, for reading… and happy sewing!


15 thoughts on “Print Mixing & Gingham… inspired by That Black Chic!

  1. Sophie, YOU ROCK!!! This is pretty cool and I am always taken back a little when I put some of my crazy things out there and people love them. You mixed your prints like a BOSS! that yoke in the shirt is amazing to say the least!

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  2. Just want to make a suggestion for making your tops nursing-friendly. Insert 7″ invisible zippers in each side seam. You’ll have plenty of room (especially if you make a more fitted shirt/dress after birth) and they can be taken out after you weaning baby. Have fun. You made a wonderful top! I love the color combinations!


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