Rose Red Lady Skater

Hello!  This will be my very first post on The Monthly Stitch.  I’ve been following the blog for a few months now and I’ve sewn up things for the past few challenges, but never seem to have them finished and photographed in time to post within the month (not even a day or two late.)  But this is the month it finally happens!

I have decided I need more solid color dresses in my life, so I thought the Inspiration Nation challenge could be the perfect excuse to make one  I’ve been purchasing some lovely solid knits lately for just that purpose and decided to check TMS archives to find an inspirational post.  Well, I found this one for Rosemary’s Fabulously Red Lady Skater which is my favorite dress pattern, and it’s a solid red, which I’ve traditionally avoided wearing, but lately have been told I should wear it more often.  So that seemed like a perfect dress to copy.  Especially since I even already had fabric on hand.

And the insides look just as pretty as the outside.

You can find more details and more photos about my dress on my blog.

6 thoughts on “Rose Red Lady Skater

  1. Looks fantastic in you and your insides are wild! The red dress was my first post in the monthly stitch too!


  2. Fabulous and yay for finishing on time 🙂 We have some plans for a regular amnesty day to help you catch up but we’ll chat about that after Indie Pattern Month. You dress is fabulous and secretly I want you to wear it inside out 😉

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    • Amnesty day would be good, but I just need to be better at planning. However, I did finally get two UFOs done at the end of Feb, so it was worth it.

      I was very tempted to make the dress reversible. But in person, the two shades of red don’t match as well as it looks in the photos, and inside out the solid red is pretty visible at the neckline. But I have quite a bit of that red and black fabric left over, so it’ll probably find its way into a garment sooner or later.


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