Shameless Copying

It’s not my finest make ever, but it is, unexpectedly, possibly one of the more complex items I’ve made. And it’s finished on time!!!
It’s a mini skirt with twelve pattern pieces. No, that’s not a typo. When I was laying them out on the fabric I got pretty confused trying to figure out what was going to go where when constructing. Which is a shame as I would have liked to attempt to pattern match for a change… oh well.

I was inspired to make it when I saw Gabby’s version during Indie Pattern Month last year. I bought the pattern right away and it’s been sat gathering virtual dust on my hard drive ever since, so I’m pleased to have finally had a bash at it!

I was drawn to the amazing fabric Gabby used, and although my fabric is a simple stretch denim, I think the Pug print adds a little funk to my trunk, amirite? DSC_8423

Unnecessary duckface is a bonus feature.

It’s the angled hem (I don’t know if that’s the correct term?) and the asymmetric zip which make the skirt, and even though mine has it’s problems (check out the post on my blog for details) I still love the look of it. Also: there’s no denying this skirt shows off your legs pretty well (that’s why it’s called ‘Pin Pegs’), and my legs are my most complemented body feature so I guess I’m providing a public service or something when I get ’em out.




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