Indie Pattern Month 2016 is here!

Tomorrow is June 1st and that means it’s Indie Pattern Month time!

Phew! We plan for this most of the year and we hope you’ll enjoy this month as much as the previous ones.

There is a lot happening during the month so we’ve created a page dedicated to keeping you in the loop. So, if you want any easy way to find posts, rules and deadlines just pop over to our Indie Pattern Month 2016 page.

Here is a reminder of what to expect this month.


Just like previous years we are running 4 contests during June – click on a button below to learn about each contest.

But don’t forget, if you aren’t into prizes and comeptitions 😉 you can still just sew Indie Patterns as the overall June theme and post under the Indie Pattern Month 2016 category.

PDF Pattern Bundles:

This year we are running three pdf bundles sales and a bonus competition for those of you who purchase. Read the how and the why here and find out how to enter the bonus contest.

Each bundle is only available for 2 weeks and gives you between 40% and 50% discount off the normal retail price of the patterns.

The current bundle is themed Chill Out and you can buy the basic (3 pattern) or extended (6 patterns) bundles on The Monthly Stitch Shopify site.

Keep your eyes open for future bundles:

Bundle One: Announced 26 May – for sale until 8 June

Bundle Two: Announced 9 June – for sale until 22 June

Bundle Three: Announced 23 June – for sale until 6 July

We’ll be sharing some sneak peeks for each bundle the week before it launches so make sure you follow us on Facebook or Instagram so you can try and guess the patterns and theme!

Sponsors and Interviews:

We couldn’t run Indie Pattern Month each June without our amazing sponsors – this years list is the biggest yet! Everyday we’ll meet one of the sponsors and learn more about them either in an interview or other feature. We’ll also be posting inspiration everyday on the Facebook  page. Remember to check the blog each day to learn more about your favourite designers and stores.



Good luck everyone, we’re looking forward to seeing lots of amazing posts and picking some lucky winners

Happy Indie Sewing,

Mel & Kat xx

6 thoughts on “Indie Pattern Month 2016 is here!

  1. Right! I have my three makes planned, and I have fabric for each one selected and ready – rather pleased with that! Now I just have to decide if I am bad an put the first pattern on the credit card so I can start it tonight, or if I wait until I am paid tomorrow, but risk not having time to do it before we go away for Queens Birthday – decisions decisions!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Huh for me it’s still May tomorrow. I’m assuming time zones are different and that’s the reason why this was posted on the 30th for me.


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