New to Me: Ode to the Op-Shop

Hey stitchers,

I was determined to jump straight into IPM on the first challenge. For my first challenge I made the Nettie Dress by Closet Case Files. I actually bought the pattern for the bodysuit but I had fabric for the dress already in my stash and I was quite charmed by some of the iterations I have seen around the interwebs.


I read through the sew-along for the body suit and (this is a big deal!) bought some of the pattern tracing fabric-stuff and traced the pattern off rather than cutting it out. Usually I avoid this kind of step because it feels like another prep-step, which is my least favourite part. However, it made the process so quick and simple in the cutting out stage. I may be a convert!

I cut the size 14 – I sit between the 12 and 14 but Heather recommends going for the bigger size because of the fit. I found the fit good – no tightness in the armhole – which is something I super hate.


This dress is a perfect one for anyone who is new to sewing or people who haven’t worked much with stretch. I really like the neckline which is cut separately and stretched to fit. The instructions for this are nice and clear and the result sits really well. This is one of my bug bears with a stretch neck – often they end up wavy and this isn’t the case at all with this pattern.


Neckline holds its own when leaning forward – win!

I called this post ode to an op-shop as the fabric for this dress, the boots and the necklace are all op-shop scores. Of course it does mean I have no idea of what this fabric is made from but I like the dots and colour. Plus it makes me feel better about the fact that I bought another pattern!


I used the stretch stitch on my machine for all the seams and also overlocked as well. Having owned rtw garments in the past that are constructed entirely on an overlocker I’m not game to use that as the only stitching (they always end up compromised in the seams) on garments I make.


So that’s me for challenge one…. unless I go crazy and make something else in the next couple of days! I even went outside in 1 degree (yes, just the one!) to get some photos but in the end I think the inside ones are better.

Happy stitching friends. May your shears be sharp, your lighting be good and your bobbin winding minimal!



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  2. Love this – and I think I know what the fabric is! I did a wee spot of stalking and see you’re a ChCh gal too, and I have the exact same stuff in orange and black spots. I think my mum got it from Fabric Vision initially, and she said she thinks it was a polyester-knit blend (she bought it on sale and it was a quick buy as dad was in the car cause she’d ‘only gone in for a zip’!). But it did come in a whole bunch-o colours, so I bet they did a green too!


    • Ha ha ha ha!!! I love that story about your mum nipping in for a zip and having to be quick – how quickly can we make a fabric purchase? Very quickly!! 😉 Nice to meet another tech sewing girl and thanks for the info. (this is good news as I didn’t pre wash and I’m hoping the dress doesn’t turn into a top when I wash it!!!) 🙂


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