Operation Boob goes independent

This is my entry to the Monthly Stitch ‘s Indie Pattern Month challenge “New to me”

As you may know my life is currently ruled by a dictator made of velcro. I’m shouted at on a regular basis. You don’t need a babelfish to know that the mini dictator is shouting “boob, boob – bring me my boob”.

To reduce the disapproving looks when out in public this necessitates a wardrobe that makes boobs more easily accessible than a stripper down at the lusty leopard (though probably without the nipple tassels – kind of defeats the purpose).

Thankfully my swap partner chose an excellent pattern for Operation Boob – Itch to Stitch ‘ s Irena top

I can’t say this pattern had caught my eye previously when  I went looking for breastfeeding friendly tops which is surely one of the great things about the pattern swap – using someone else’s know how. As luck would have it I’d accidentally bought (that’s what I tell my bank manager – mat pay isn’t exactly giving us a champagne lifestyle right now) fabric that would suit the pattern.

It’s a beautifully soft loose knitted fabric. It’s one of those fabrics that feels lovely but is a bitch to work with. It moves constantly so pattern matching was a nightmare. It also sheds like crazy and clogged up the hoover. The loose weave also catches on flipping everything so I have to avoid all sharp corners, nails, velcro etc when wearing this.

The pattern itself is straightforward – the only funky bit is when you attach the collar at the front. This isn’t something a sleep deprived mother of a 7 week old baby should attempt without back up. So of course this nimwit carried on regardless fuelled by caffeine and chocolate and blind optimism.

It almost worked. It’s a bit lumpy on one side but a good press has sorted some of that out.

What didn’t work was my attempts to attach the bottom band. I wasn’t paying attention and overlocked it on squint.

So cut it off and started again. Only to do it squint again.

So again I cut it off and started again. By now I was getting a little worried about the length so I went really carefully this time. Now I have the issue that the front is riding up a bit but I’m running out of fabric to take it off and start again.

Finally sleeves were dead easy apart from I didn’t have enough fabric for the cuffs. I’m actually glad about this as I’d prefer a slightly shorter sleeve on a jumper like this – especially how often I’m dealing with poo and puke.

So here we go – Operation Boob does Indie Pattern Month. You’ll need to take my word for it that the boob comes out easily because
a) I didn’t fancy getting my boobs out on the Internet and
b) the baby is asleep!!!





Victory dance around the garden!

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    • That’s kindof my moto for maternity leave! Maybe once they’re grown up I’ll wear totally impractical uncomfortable clothes just to make a point 🙂


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