Shabby Chic New to Me


Hellllllooooooo Indie Pattern Month!

I am here to tell you about some functional clothing purpose built to get messy in.  Clothes I can bend, stretch, jump and throw pots in thanks to Marilla Walker’s Dungarees.  After needing a new clay friendly coverup for the past 6 months, these came together so quickly thanks to the succinct instructions.


I added purpose built pockets for my phone, notebook and pen on the bib.  Clay covered fingers are not good for phones, but I always like to have it handy for photos, and the book for keeping notes.

And an extra pocket for a tool or two on the back leg shaped after my hubs work pants tool pocket.  The two corduroys were donated to the cause by lovely sewcialist Pips and I am so grateful to her and Jen for helping me keep my no new fabric pledge.   It took some jiggling to fit the remnant pieces together.  All the facings are the lighter floral cord for strength and warmth.


I cut a size 40 and made length adjustments at the leg and waist.  I ended up removing a fair chunk of fabric from the center back as I am a good two sizes different between top and bottom.  In a drapier fabric the oversized top may have worked without the adjustment, but I was looking decidedly clownish in this heavy cord so I hope I have now managed to tread that narrow line between ridiculous and cool.


Right, I am off to get covered in clay!  See you soon, Nicki

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