Introducing Yuki from Waffle Patterns

New to sponsoring Indie Pattern Month this year is Waffle Patterns. Waffle Patterns are a range of gorgeous designs, fusing Japanese and European influences. Plus, all the patterns are named after sweet treats!

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Kat caught up with Yuki, the designer behind Waffle Patterns, to find out more…

Hi Yuki! Welcome to Indie Pattern Month!

Hello The Monthly Stitch readers! I’m so happy to join here! I’m Yuki from Waffle Patterns. (By the way, English is not my mother tongue so excuse me for my bad English in advance!)

First up, tell us all a bit about your designs. How would you describe your style/aesthetic?

Waffle Patterns offers daily active casual with hints of vintage taste. I want people enjoy to sew and wear them everyday, not only for special occasions.

Also I’m trying to put a great deal of effort into making user friendly instructions.



How did your come up with the name for your label?

The name Waffle and all the pattern names come from my favourite sweets or treats. I have a sweet tooth!

We’d love to know the story behind your business. What inspired you to create and sell patterns? How did it all start?

I was sewing since I was a little girl as one of my hobbies. My mother was my sewing teacher.

The idea of starting Waffle Patterns is based on my experience as a graphic and product designer.

Unfortunately, I don’t have much confident about talking to people, but I found the things I made or designed can communicate much better than I speak. I believe that builds my faith, and to support self expression through the art and craft became my passion.

Also, I want to share the power and feeling of the one-of-a-kind or handmade. I worked on the mass production design for a long time. They make great products, but I prefer the feeling “I’m special” with original one and love to see other people enjoying only one creations. I’m so happy to see my customers’ projects, and how they add their personal touch. The whole experience through making by hand and sharing them will be a great therapy.

Looking forwards, where would you like your business to be in five years time?

Besides working on more designs, I’m interested in designing print patterns for fabrics, although I still not sure how I proceed it. I’m interested in anything which I can support self expression through the art and craft.


Where do you do all your work?

I can use whole living room for my workspace, and I’m happily surrounded by my favourite vintage stuff.


What’s your favourite part of releasing a new design?

I love all of the steps, but enjoy more the basic design part with sketching, researching or making mood boards. I also love making instruction.


Thinking of your gorgeous designs, what’s your favourite of all your designs so far, and why?

Off course I love all of them. Actually I wear the Yuzu coat and the Cookie blouson the most often and they are popular, too. Both the patterns are customisable with free optional patterns, btw.

(You can find the free pattern expansions here: Cookie blouson expansion, Yuzu coat expansion.)

Yazu coat pattern

Cookie blouson pattern

Who or what inspires you with your designs?

There are many things inspire me, but especially I love to visit trade shows or museums. Both the next seasons products and the historical beauties tell us a lot. I prefer not only fashion or fabrics related shows, but also other products like furnitures or 4 wheelers.

Do you have any new patterns coming out soon? Any hints you can give us? 😉

I cannot tell you particular idea here, but planning new ones and also free optional patterns for current designs.

Thank you again for reading the interview! if you are interested in my patterns, please follow my SNSs here. You can find free patterns or freebies on the blog, too!

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