Zierstoff Laila Skirt – New To Me!

Zierstoff Laila skirt review by Skirt Fixation

I thought this pattern and this company was perfect for the New To Me challenge since it’s probably new to everyone!  Zierstoff is a German pattern company who have recently started an English language branch with some of their popular patterns.  They asked us if we would like to try one in exchange for a review.  So of course we chose a skirt pattern as that is where we have the most experience!  They do have many other patterns as well that are worth a second look.

Zierstoff Laila skirt review by Skirt FixationWe decided to sew the Laila skirt pattern.  It is made for knit or stretchable fabrics.  There are 3 pattern pieces, the front/back piece, the side piece, and the waistband.  The Laila skirt has a neat, full shape.  The side pieces make it especially interesting.

Zierstoff Laila skirt review by Skirt FixationThere are only 3 pages of instructions, so the Laila skirt goes together fast and easy.  If you get stuck somewhere, you might try the Zierstoff YouTube channel.  They have video tutorials on everything from tiling your paper into a pattern to sewing a skirt.

Zierstoff Laila skirt review by Skirt FixationOne thing that was not included with our Laila skirt pattern was the size chart.  Before you begin sewing a Zierstoff pattern, you will need to know what size to make. The women’s size chart is located here.  The only change we made to the Laila skirt pattern was to add 2 inches to the length to accommodate my daughter’s tall height.

Zierstoff Laila skirt review by Skirt FixationFor the fabric of the Laila skirt, we used some organic bamboo knit from Cali Fabrics.  It’s amazing fabric, and has just the right amount of structure for this skirt.  You can find some really good deals at Cali Fabrics.  (Get 10% off off your first purchase by clicking through this link!)

Zierstoff Laila skirt review by Skirt Fixation

That’s it for us for the New To Me challenge!  My daughter loves this skirt, she’s worn it 2 days in a row now!  We’d love it if you hop over to our blog, where we’ve got some tips we learned from sewing a pattern translated from a different language.  If you’re going to try it, read our post first, you won’t be sorry you did!