New to me: Melissa Dress

Dresses and I have a difficult relationship. I admire the beautiful dresses other people sew and wear, and in my fantasy I see myself sewing and wearing lots of pretty dresses. In reality I have only sewn a few dresses that I rarely wear because they are either not fitting very well or are not practical enough or are comfortable but not really suitable enough for me to leave the house with. I pretty much wear separates all the time and so I keep telling myself to stop wasting my sewing time with making dresses. As you can see in this blog post, I really don’t listen to myself. And that’s probably a good thing because I absolutely love this dress!


It fits very well, is more than nice enough to wear outside the house and it is practical  (which means for me: it has pockets and I can cycle in it.).

The pattern is the Melissa dress, blouse and skirt by Muse Patterns. I used printed cotton fabric and nine adorable boat-shaped shank buttons.The size is 42 with B cup and I only shortened the skirt a tiny bit. Also I topstitched the cuffs to the sleeves, otherwise I made no alterations.


I wanted to sew a blouse dress and I choose the Melissa pattern because I like the contrast fabric details and the open neckline. The pattern is very well written and easy to follow.


When I looked for fabrics I initially had polka dots in mind, but then I came across the buttons and I knew what my dress would look like. This is the first time I looked for fabric suitable for buttons and not the other way round!



8 thoughts on “New to me: Melissa Dress

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  2. Your dress is so fantastic! I’ve owned that pattern since it was released and I love how one of their examples looks like something a diner waitress in the Midwest would wear. But the fabric you used for your version makes it look so different from the one that made me want the pattern! I definitely need to get this made up soon!


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