Introducing Christine, from Christine Haynes Patterns

We’re really happy to welcome Christine Haynes Patterns back as a sponsor for Indie Pattern Month 2016! Christine creates gorgeous vintage-inspired feminine patterns from her studio in Los Angeles, USA. Kat caught up with Christine to have a chat about the inspiration behind one of her most recent patterns – the Sylvie dress.

Christine Haynes Patterns logo

Hi Christine! First up, tell us all a bit about your designs. How would you describe your style/aesthetic?

My designs are vintage-inspired, but it’s really important to me to keep the styles clean and modern. I never want to feel like I’m wearing a costume from an episode of Mad Men, but I love incorporating vintage details when it feels appropriate.

Sylvie dress pattern by Christine Haynes

Sylvie dress pattern

How did your come up with the name for your label?

Even though it’s just my name, I debated for a long while about naming my company something else. But in the end, it seemed less confusing to just name my company Christine Haynes Patterns, since a lot of people knew me from my books, classes, and my ready-to-wear line, etc. Calling it something else I thought would be confusing and like I was starting from scratch with branding, as I’d have to explain that X pattern company was me. So to make it easy, I just kept it simple and used my own name.

Christine's work studio

Christine’s work studio

We’d love to know the story behind your designs. Let’s talk about the Sylvie dress today. What was the inspiration behind the Sylvie pattern?

My Emery Dress pattern has sold so many copies, and many sewers have turned it into a sleeveless dress. Sadly, the Emery is not drafted to be sleeveless, and the way you draft the area in the front between your shoulder and bust is different to either allow for the sleeve, or to prevent gaping on something sleeveless. So I knew that I wanted to design something with a fit and flare shape that was sleeveless for those customers that wanted a sleeveless fitted bodice. I also knew I wanted a much lower neckline, as many of my patterns have a higher neck. For the skirts, I knew I wanted to do the full skirt as a dirndl, so people could utilize border prints and fabrics with selvage treatments like eyelet. And since not everyone wants a full skirt, I knew it was time to offer my customers a fitted skirt option this time. Once I put all of those ideas together, the Sylvie Dress was born!

Sylvie pattern by Christine Haynes

Sylvie pattern cover

Where did the name come from?

Sometimes my names come from something specific, but sometimes it’s more about the feeling. In this instance, it was the latter. It’s not named for anyone in particular, or after a specific reference. I was looking for a name that had both a feminine and sultry feel, and that felt both retro and modern. Sylvie was tossed into the mix and it just stuck.

Sylvie pattern by Christine Haynes

Sylvie pattern

Do you have many Sylvie dresses in your own wardrobe? Which is your favourite?

I have a few Sylvie Dresses in my closet, and my favorite is made with some beautiful floral fabric designed by Elizabeth Olwen for Cloud9 Fabrics. You can see me wearing it in my CreativeLive class, Sew Along: The Sylvie Dress.

Sylvie pattern by Christine Haynes

Sylvie pattern

We’ve seen so many lovely ones that people have made! Do you have a favourite that you’ve seen someone make up?

It’s so hard to pick a favorite, as I am always so honored when anyone chooses to make up my patterns! But if I were forced to select one, I love the full-skirt version made by Sue from the blog Sewin’ Steady. Her tastes are much like my own and I wouldn’t mind owning most of the garments she makes!

Do you have any new patterns coming out soon? Any hints you can give us? (We’re so impatient, haha!)

I am working on four patterns right now. I can tell you that there are some separates in the mix, including a coat I’m designing for the release in the fall, which I will also be teaching at Camp Workroom Social in October!

Christine's work space

Christine’s work space

Christine, thank you so much for telling us the story behind your gorgeous Sylvie dress pattern! I think it’s my favourite of your designs – I made it earlier this year and love it. 🙂

As a special bonus for Indie Pattern Month, Christine is offering a special discount! Enter the code ‘INDIEMONTH’ to receive 15% off all printed patterns during June.

Have you made any Christine Haynes patterns? Which is your favourite?

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