Malibu dress


After my Stockholm blouse that I made from a free pattern from Atelier Scammit, I wanted to show you guys my maxidress from Modkid. I bought the pattern a couple of years ago in a pattern bundle, but never made it so far. I also bought this amazing fabric for it a long time ago, but never get the chance to made it (I have a huge pile of fabrics, guilty as a horse 😉 ) until now. I wore it today because I was wearing sweatpants all the time to study, and I was done with them. Time to wear something fancy in this good weather today 😉 (Btw I made this dress in May so this doesn’t count as new in, becasue it was an UFO, but I just wanted to show this as part of indie pattern month)


The fabric that I bought was a 3m coupon and it has lots of different panel pieces in it. (the blue, cirkels, pink area, and the green and turquoise. That’s the reason I keep postponing it because I was afraid it won’t work out as planned in my head. But the opposite happened, I’m so in love with this dress now, it even turned out better than expected! p


// PATTERN: Malibu dress – Modkid //
// FABRIC: 3m coupon that I bought for just €8 //


ps: More will appear on my blog:


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    • Thaank you! Normally it wasn’t that drapey, but thanks to my mini trunk it turned out a bit drapey, but I liked it that way, so that’s why I didn’t changed them 😉 Glad I didn’t and that you like it that way 😉 ❤


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