New Sewing Adventure with Oliver & S

I decided to embark on a new adventure that breaks my “Sewing for Me” philosophy by sewing for my son! First, I browsed through and found two free patterns offered by Oliver & S designed by Liesl Gibson: Sunny Day Shorts and Reversible Bucket Hat.

My son picked his “superhero” fabric, which is a printed quilter’s cotton from the local quilt shop.

The patterns printed off beautifully and the construction directions were clear and concise. It is a quick project too! I am definitely going to be using these patterns again.


The biggest problem I had was the length of the Sunny Day Shorts. When I cut the pattern, it just looked short, so I grabbed my tape measure and my son’s favorite elastic waistband shorts.

As you can see, they ran really short compared to his knee-length shorts. I highly recommend this step as  kid heights vary greatly and it is super easy to fix. Just remember to flare out for the hemline.

The other modification I made was to make the bucket hat non-reversible. Really, I just cut both sides from the same fabric so that it had the lining and extra sturdiness. It could be flipped over with no apparent seams.

It really does provide a great amount of shade when he wore it out on the boat Sunday. My son is already asking for another hat from his Spider-man fabric! My husband has asked for a matching father and son hat too! It looks like “Sewing for Me” is branching out into “Sewing for me and my family”!


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    • I know! It really surprised me, as he’s never asked me to sew anything. Usually, its just repairs and patches. I’m a little excited that I might get into menswear eventually. One step at a time to get him into the idea!


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