New To Me: Laura V Laura

So this is the Style Arc Laura Knit Cardi, I’ve never made a style arc pattern before, though I had herd good things about them.

The pattern comes as PDF format, but you don’t get ALL the sizes you have to choose a bundle of three sizes. So if you are between say an 8 and a 10 you would actually have to buy two patterns. but then, the patterns aren’t actually multi sized, each size is an individual PDF, so you can’t adjust the fit if you are a mixture of sizes.
As this is a knit pattern that didn’t matter too much, I made a straight size 8.


The instructions for construction are not the best, 8 quick sentences, no pictures, you really need to know how to sew to make these patterns. But the instructions for putting together the PDF pattern, these were longer then for the sewing, and had pictures!

The cardi sewed up nicely and quick, though I’m not sure I like the raw finish on the edges. the pattern just tells you to overlock the outer edges. I might fold these under and stitch again at a later date.


The fabric I choose is a lovely lightweight merino from Levena, I got it towards the end of last year with the though of making a winter dress and maybe a cardi from it. I got 3 m and there is still over half left. (pattern said you would need 2.8m I think I used about half that)


The fit is good, almost perfect really! Sleeves are a great length and I really like the shawl collar as it can double as a hood. Downside is the seam down the middle of the shawl part that the back (which shows as the inside of the fabric is on show when the collar is back) this seam isn’t shown on the line drawing of the pattern on the website, but it is on the PDF but you don’t know that until you have bought it.



PATTERN: Laura Knit Cardi by Style Arc size 8 (Bought from etsy size 4-6-8 for $11.80NZ)

FABRIC: Purple Hounds-tooth Merino from Levana $18m

NOTIONS: Grey Thread

So I really like this cardi and will probably make it up again, not sure if I would buy another Style Arc pattern especially not one for woven fabrics, as you can’t grade between the sizes.

The best thing about this pattern is the fabric I made it in, its lightweight but super warm.


So Laura versed Laura and who won, well I guess it was me as I got a great cardi to add to my winter wardrobe, and also I now have a pattern that is also called Laura that I am likely to make again!


P.S. I failed to convince my hubby to take photos for me so my 7 year old took them for me, I think she did a pretty good job!

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