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New To Me: Liola Patterns Ella Top

This is my first post for The Monthly Stitch! My name is Amy and I blog at SewsNBows. My entry for New To Me is the Ella Top from Liola Patterns.

I say Liola Patterns are new to me, because this is the only pattern I’ve tried so far. But technically, I made a muslin of this top about a year ago. Not sure if this entry qualifies, but I wanted to share my experience either way.

Liola Patterns Ella Top

This was my muslin, made in May 2015. I haven’t been sewing for myself for very long, and to be honest I’m having trouble making things that fit properly. When I made the first top, I didn’t look at the finished garment measurements. I thought I fit into a large, but there wasn’t quite enough ease in the bust. (My full bust measures 40″, for reference.) It fit exactly how I wanted everywhere else, but I was discouraged and gave the top away.

Liola Patterns Ella Top

I’ve tried so many patterns for a simple tank this summer, and none of them have come close to the almost perfect fit of the Ella Top. With a little more fitting experience under my belt,I decided to try again with this pattern.

Liola Patterns Ella Top with knit back

I used peachskin for the front and back yoke, but substituted a jersey knit for the back. Since the ease issue was minimal, this was enough to make the top fit perfectly.

Liola Patterns Ella Top

When I cut it, I also swung the side seams out just a hair to add a little extra space. In retrospect, it wasn’t necessary. It caused some pooling in back, but it’s not enough to make me dislike this make.

Liola Patterns Ella Top

I’m considering making an all woven Ella Top and sizing up to the XL, but I worry the armcye will hang my bra out for the world to see. For now, I know the knit back with no adjustments should be perfect.

Liola Patterns Ella Top

It’s been a journey, sewing for me. In school, I learned to sew, draft, and drape for sample sized dress forms and models. After school, I mostly sewed children’s clothing.

Sometimes I get frustrated because I’ve been sewing this long and should have more fitting experience. It’s amazing to have an online community to cheer me on and offer advice.

This tank is a win, and I see many more Ella Tops in the future. For more details and pictures about this project, visit my blog, SewsNBows.

Thanks for having me!

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  1. Nice work! Super cute top. I hear you on fitting, but it’s hard to fit on yourself rather than a model. It’s so nice to be part of a community isn’t it?


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