New to Me: Seamwork Adelaide

Since the last Indie Pattern Month, when I’d barely used any Indie patterns at all, I’ve been using Indie patterns almost exclusively. I’m a total convert. This year, unsurprisingly, the New to Me category was a little trickier for me.

In the end I chose to make a Colette Seamwork pattern, because despite owning a couple of Colette patterns and having a subscription to Seamwork mag since about Issue 2 or 3, I have not made anything the lovely Sarai has been putting out. It seemed like about time I rectified that. DSC_8278

The Adelaide dress appealed to me because of the simple shape. It was casual but cool. I loved the snap fastening front, and it seemed like the perfect dress to add to my holiday wardrobe.

I knew I had the batik fabric I used in my stash, and it immediately leaped to mind when I saw the pattern. I originally bought the fabric at the Stitching, Sewing and Hobbycrafts show at the Birmingham NEC last year. (I’m going with my MIL this year, Lord help me!)

I also used matching thread from my stash, pre-made bias binding, and some of these ‘antique’ brass snap fasteners.

The pattern instructions are really straightforward and easy to follow, the patterns are designed to sew up in 3 hours or less – it actually took me quite a bit longer than that I think, although I wasn’t timing. I find it really useful when patterns give an indication of how long they will take to make, as I don’t know about you, but sometimes I get the urge to make something I want to wear RIGHT AWAY, and it’s good to manage my own expectations…

I cut a straight size 10 and did an FBA. I actually think an extra 1/2″ on the FBA would have been a good idea as it is a teeny tiny bit gapey at the chest. DSC_8281

Once I’d sewn it up, I realised the armsyces were drafted on the measurements of someone aged 10, not size 10. Seriously, they were tiny. So I grabbed a tailors chalk and drew along the edge of my bra onto the fabric. Then I cut slightly inside that line and re-did the bias binding to finish the armholes. I understand that they have now released an updated version of the pattern to address this issue, so I won’t have to do this on future versions. And I’m already dreaming of a linen version or two…

I also had to move the belt loops down from the position marked on the pattern. I have a long torso and these were pretty much directly under my bust, no where near my waist! This was super easy to do. DSC_8279

I really liked the finished dress, although I did find I had to double knot the waist tie to keep it from coming undone, I’m not sure why, maybe something to do with when I moved the belt loops? I also found the fabric a little rigid for my taste when wearing, though of course it’ll soften after a few washes.

I wore it out on my holiday in Modena, Italy during the Notte Bianca festival, and these photos of it ‘in the wild’. DSC_8270DSC_8272

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