Nice to meet you, Enid!

As soon as I saw that the first challenge was ‘New To Me’ I knew I had to sew up the Enid sweatshirt – I’ve been dreaming over Jennifer’s patterns for a long time, and this seemed a really good chance to finally jump in!

For this year’s Indie Pattern Month, I’ve decided to work with some fabrics I inherited when my Great Aunty Francis passed away recently. Both the main spotted fabric and the red ribbing were in the stash, and I just had enough to make this up – with some creative pattern placing!


This pattern was a joy to put together and sew. I cut the size 24 as on pattern, however elected to cut the pattern with the grain for the body rather than on the bias – the fabric had a reasonable amount of stretch on it’s own, and I didn’t have quite enough fabric to cut on bias. When I remake (this is definitely a remake pattern!) I will most likely cut a 22 in the sleeves, grading to a 20 at the cuffs as the sleeves are quite large on me – this was a big surprise as I am a rather pudgy-armed individual and I am used to sleeves being too tight on me! I will also probably shorten them an inch or so, as I’ve found the sleeves a little long to be practical on me – so make that short-pudgy-armed!


This pattern is cropped which I adore, as I prefer sweatshirts and the like to hit above my hips as if they are longer they tend to ride up and end above them anyway. I will note that if you are shorter with a shorter torso like I am, it may come out a little longer than expected, so I’d recommend doing a muslin of the body just to check length.



I chose the square neckline in a fit of “I can totally do that first try no practice”, and am actually really pleased with the result! I love square necklines, and found Jennifer’s instructions incredibly easy to follow – both of my corners match up pretty damn well which is really cool! I also behaved and put in stay tape across the shoulder seams – I am normally one to miss such steps, but in this case I love the fabric so much I want it to look as lovely for as long as possible. I, however, did not have any stay tape, so used some bright pink grosgrain ribbon that I had on hand. It worked pretty well!

Over the last three days since I made my Enid, I’ve worn it pretty constantly. It is warm and comfortable, and still work appropriate – I do love secret-PJs makes, especially since the weather has been growing so cold recently.

So that’s my first make of IPM2k16! I had an absolute blast, and can’t wait to start the next one.


10 thoughts on “Nice to meet you, Enid!

    • I am an avid spot and stripe lover so was very pleased to receive it – mum thinks Aunty Francis was probably going to make herself a sweatshirt from it so thinks it is cute I ended up doing the same thing (not that there’s much else you can do with such a small piece of sweatshirting!)

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    • I think that’s what drew me to the pattern – I wore it to work and no one suspected it was actually just a sweatshirt! I do need to make up a V-neckline one as well, it was a very close call whether I made the square or the v first time around


    • Thanks! I love square necklines, am less fond of trying to sew them though!
      The lippie is LA Girl Matte Flat Velvet lipstic in Poetic – we were at a Steampunk Weekend in Oamaru and I didn’t take my makeup off before taking pictures of my make!


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