Not an old man’s cardigan

Asb334cabernet_cardigan_flat_sketch_1024x1024n Indie brand I’ve never sewn from before? Where to start? There are sooo many whose creative delights I have yet to sample. In the end I decided to go for  the Cabernet Cardigan from Skinny Bitch* Curvy Chick (SBCC) as it’s been on my wish list for a long time. I’ve never used one of her patterns before, nor have I made a cardigan!

I knew exactly what I wanted: version C slim and short, in a charcoal-ish Ponte  (which I had picked up from the Sew Over It Stall at the Knitting and Stitching show),  and leather looking buttons. I have a favourite cardigan: grey wool, V-neck, button down the front, two little pockets and elbow patches – pretty much version A of the Cabernet. My sister says it looks like an old man’s cardigan. This is definetly not an old man’s cardigan.

I decided to treat myself the the real deal and ordered a printed copy of the pattern. And I’m so glad I did: the instruction booklet is lovely! The instructions are simple and clear – and the cardigan came together really well. The only hiccup was that it isn’t clear that the measurements for choosing your size were actual body measurements or finished size measurements. So I very nearly made myself the XX Small! Thankfully I checked online – I’m actually the size Small.

I used clear elstic in the shoulder seams – a technique I have struggled to grasp in the past. Using the overlock stitch I was able to insert it nicely when I sewed the front and back together, making sure that it would be pressed to the back and therefore under the seam allowance not rubbing against my shoulder skin. I used my overlock stitch to do all my seams and then trimmed where necesary with my pinking shears, so the inside is quite nice!

I had initally planned to put blue star shaped elbow patches on, and had sewn the on before doing the sleeve and side seams. But once these were done I realised the patches were in the wrong place and after taking them off, wasn’t able to satisfactorly reapply them.  But while the cardigan lacks my originally inteded embelishments, I’m actually really pleased with its simplicity and love the fit. If you’re interested theres a ton more photos and a bit more chat on my blog.



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