New To Me: Essais et Erreurs


This is my third time entering in Indie Pattern month, but only the first time I enter in ”New to me”. I’m not much of a spontanious pattern buyer, I want a new purchase to fill a hole in my wardrobe. Therefore I have usually used what I already had in stash. So this is my first time entering in this category.


Many years ago I was smittened by a shirt I saw, a grey collarless shirt with a white buttonband. Since then I have been thinking it would be nice to make a shirt like that. I haven’t persued this very actively, obviously, but during Me-Made-May I saw someone wearing a shirt that was reminiscent of what I wanted. It was even in the same colours!

The shirt was Fit But You Know It from Essais et Erreurs. The site has several free sewing patterns, including a jumpsuit, dresses and pyjama pants. The catch is that the instructions only come in French. I dug out my old French-Swedish dictionary (way better than Google Translate) and I was able to make do with the instructions and my sewing experience. Some steps had images, but the instructions were mostly text-based.

As I wanted a more fitted shirt I went down one size from my recommended size. Therefore my shirt is very tight, I didn’t study the finished measurements enough. Luckily the fabric (an absolutely gorgeous cotton sateen) has a few procent lycra in it, otherwise I probably wouldn’t be able to close it.

Neckline Closeup

Since this pattern was free, I don’t really hold it to the same standards I would if I had paid for the pattern. For a free pattern I thoguht it worked great. It was easy to work with and the instructions were quite clear and easy to follow along with. I did miss some notches, especially in the sleeves for easing, and the hem was a bit too narrow for my taste, 1.5 cm to be folded twice.

Back yoke

I am quite pleased with my new shirt, even if it is a bit too tight. I can imagine using this pattern again or perhaps trying out something else. Or stalk the site, because, you know, free patterns.

9 thoughts on “New To Me: Essais et Erreurs

  1. I’ve just made this pattern, too, and was debating leaving off the collar. Your collarless version looks great, and I really like the contrast fabrics.


  2. What a lovely blouse! The grey and white look so cool and crisp together; no wonder you couldn’t get that image out of your mind. And thanks for the pointer to the pattern!


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