New to me: MIY walkley vest (x2)

Hi everyone. I’m cutting this contest right down to the wire as usual as several sewing deadlines in May have put me back a little! I’ve also just returned from a camping holiday (I couldn’t take my sewing machine!) so for this contest I had to be quick! To make up for the simplicity of the pattern however, I have made two T-shirts! And I’ve cut out a third one which is ready to be sewn but I ran out of time for that.


The pattern:  I chose the Walkley vest & dress pattern from MIY Workshop as I needed a quick make using fabric that I had in my stash. I decided to go for the vest variation as there wasn’t enough fabric for the dress version in either fabric.

This pattern has been languishing in a sewing folder on my computer since September when I bought it has part of a pattern bundle for Sewing Indie Month hosted by Sew Independent (you can’t buy the bundle now).


Fabric and notions: One reason I chose this pattern was there were no notions and therefore no last-minute dash to the shops to get supplies! The fabric has come from my stash and both pieces actually came from my Mum’s stash before me. She gave me the stripy one some time ago and I’ve already made a top out of it. There must be a high cotton content in it as it is very nice to handle and presses crisply although the fabric is still quite drapey. The blue fabric must have a high-proportion of man-made fibre in it as it couldn’t take a high heat from the iron without sticking. It also doesn’t press very crisply and my hems are a little spongy. However it has a bit of weight to it and it sewed up very nicely.

Alterations/design changes: As all the fabric I used was free I just ploughed ahead and cut out the middle size – bust  88-92cm (34.5″-36″). I am very happy with the size chosen so there was no need to make any alterations. The tops are also a very good length on me, being slightly on the longer side and offering plenty of coverage. The pattern is not supposed to be tightly fitting.


Back views!

However, neither tops are made exactly according to the instructions for different reasons. With my blue top I thought I’d have a go at completing it on my overlocker (whilst hungover – not a good plan). The pattern has a little shaping on it that allows you to turn a hem on the sleeve and neckline more easily. Well I can’t handle anything other than a straight line on my overlocker and the knife slashed through the shoulder seam. I thought I was going to have to start again but I re-cut the shoulders and then re-shaped the neckline. I actually cut off about an inch off the shoulder in the end but actually I think I got away with it. It may not quite look as the designer intended but I actually prefer the blue top anyway.

With the stripy top I was having difficulty getting a neat hem on the sleeves. I spent a good hour or so last night unpicking a stretch lightning-bolt stitch as I had made so many puckers. Not wanting to put myself through the same experience by messing it up again I chose to self-bind the sleeves. This actually worked much better. I’m getting much better at thinking on my feet when things go wrong in my sewing now!


Sleeve binding!

Pattern instructions: As the pattern was pretty basic the instructions were pretty basic too but they didn’t need to be anything else really.

Overall I’m quite pleased with my new t-shirts. They fill a genuine wardrobe gap which became apparent at the end of Me Made May when I had run out of clothes and had nothing suitable to go camping in!

If you want a quick, gratifying sew then you can’t go wrong with this pattern. The pdf only had 6 pages (there is only one pattern piece!) and it fitted nicely together without the need to trim any paper. This meant that the pdf was taped and traced in under 15 minutes. That is a record for me.

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