Olivia Wrap Dress

wrap dress 006


  • Since this is the New to You Challenge I decided to go with one of the patterns from the Chill Out Capsule and since it’s winter here the Olivia Wrap Dress appealed.  I don’t have a wrap dress at the moment and I had the perfect fabric in my stash, so that was another point in its favour.
  • The fabric was some merino/nylon from Levana Textiles bought off Trademe and in a perfect colour for me.
  • The pattern was mostly good, the fit is good for me with no adjustments but I would do the pockets differently in future.  They are inset after the side seams are sewn, normally I put them in before that and the result would have been much smoother that way.  I stuffed up a little and cut the fronts out with the wrong side of the fabric so had to change which side the dress fastens to fix that as I didn’t have enough fabric to recut.  I also changed how the elastic in the waist was sewn in and just sewed it over the seam and through the dress rather than attaching it to the seam allowance; what can I say, I’m lazy and I figured it’ll be covered by the ties anyway.  Finally I made the opening for the ties smaller after seeing comments about that being too large on Pattern Review.
  • I’m actually surprised at just how much I like this now that I’ve finished it and I think it’s going to be a staple in my winter wardrobe.  It fits well and is flattering too.  I want to wear it with my Caterpillar boots for some reason, and if it gets super cold I’ll wear a shawl to fill in the neckline.
  • My blog is Warming Crafts and will shortly have more details on this dress; I did this blogpost first though!


10 thoughts on “Olivia Wrap Dress

    • Thank you! I suspect there’s a bit of wanting to avoid how the Big Four do things, but sometimes there’s a good reason for the way they do them and in the case of side seam pockets…
      If I make it again I’ll definitely do the pockets the old fashioned way, but at least now I know the other way doesn’t work well rather than simply making that assumption.

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  1. Gorgeous dress! I think this is the first make on here from the Chill Out capsule – yay! 🙂 (Also – I love the spinning wheel. 🙂

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    • Thanks Kat, I’m surprised it’s the first make from the capsule, there were several things I wanted to make (why I bought the whole thing) but I only have time for one at the moment as I need to get some weaving done and there’s another dress WIP sitting in the pile as well.
      There might also be some spinning to be done (hence the wheel).


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