Two ways to get fit again

I’m not a natural runner and I’m definitely not built like a runner I’m built like a secret biscuit eater who likes sitting down lots.

However running is about the only exercise I can guarantee I’ll fit in during maternity leave because I can run with the pram. This pregnancy was a long one with me feeling unwell during most of it. I also had a bad case on plantar fasciitis which stopped me even walking the dog. This means that apart from yoga (which was pregnancy yoga so was really just a bit of deep breathing and a 15 minute nap) I haven’t exercised for 9 months.

So what does one need to get fit again?
– motivation?
– will power?
– a supportive partner and sports bra?

Wrong. One needs not one but two running jackets!

This pattern is the Sundance jacket from Greenstyle creations and it was the back view with the pleats that caught my attention. I’ve never seen such a design but it looks great for cycling, horse riding and hiding the shame of a massive arse.

I made the first in a long sleeve version with the pleats at the back and thumb holes in the cuff. It’s made in turtle print  (turtle!) scuba with some white scuba accents.


The second is in red 4-way stretch and white scuba but this time in the sleeveless version. I toyed with the hooded version but Mr King pointed out that I’d never run with my hood up so ditched it.

Both versions importantly have pockets in the side seam to let me carry my phone when I’m out (I use the Couch to 5km running app).

I flaming love this pattern. It was a dream to sew up and because of all the different options I could make so many different versions of this. I’m even contemplating making a version out of East African fabric which I think would look great with the pleats.

So whilst I’m not running very fast or very far I think I look damn good in my new running jackets!





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  1. These jackets are both great! The red and white one looks very sporty and you could wear the turtle one on a night out (although I don’t suppose you get many of them)!

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