Bethioua – One pattern two ways

I love the Bethioua pattern, it is really easy to make and now I’ve done a few it takes less than an hour from cut out fabric to finished garment. The instructions are illustrated very clearly (lucky me) and the construction is simple and uncomplicated. The only issue I have is that there is requirement for fabric for the neckband and cuffs, neither of which appear as pattern pieces but rather just as rectangular measurements on a chart of figures which is easy to overlook until you need the fabric pieces….

Here are two of my collection of Bethiouas. The one on the left is made from a gold flecked ponte roma combined with some gold lace, both from Truro fabrics which I made to wear to a friends wedding last week.


I didn’t have quite enough fabric to cut the back in one piece hence the lace ribbon down the centre back.


On this garment I lined the bottom of the sleeves rather than cuff them as I feel it gives a cleaner line.

The garment on the right is my ‘Lobster top’. I wanted to make a sea themed garment to wear at the Falmouth sea shanty festival. I have put very narrow cuffs on this version and made the sleeves slightly shorter. Those lobsters make me smile ! The navy blue jersey and the lobster fabric both came from My Fabrics



I now have four garments made from this pattern and I really like them all ! It’s a keeper.


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