One pattern, two ways: Eva Dress

Hi there!

First of all, thank you so much for the warm welcome and nice comments that you gave me for my first post. You may have created a monster here!

I have fallen in love with Tessuti and had already tried one version of the Eva Dress in cotton. It turned out ok, but I really wanted to have it in linen. When I went to Aro, an outlet fabric store for brands here in Rio, I was looking for either a strong, nice color for a solid dress, or a fun pattern – and I found both! What’s a girl to do?

So first up is this beautiful bright acqua green version of the Eva Dress. It’s mixed linen so it stretches a little and feels a bit textured. The pattern is amazing, very easy to put together, and because it’s a loose fit, it’s a dream to wear.

I didn’t change anything and sewed size L. I find that it gapes a bit in the neckline, though, and I keep having to adjust the sleeves. So I adapted the pattern and gave it another go.

Look, pockets! They were easy to sew and are hidden in the seams, which makes me feel so accomplished!

Next  I asked a random person to take a picture of me and my daughter, who was the photographer for the entire photo shoot. She’s 8 years old and not too happy to be dragged downstairs in this cold, nasty weather to take pictures of her mom, so please forgive us for any not-so-great pictures!


Ok, so after changing the pattern slightly to improve the neckline fit, I made the patterned linen version. And it makes me so happy, on so many levels!!!



Even if I don’t look all that happy here. It’s hard being a model and a mom at the same time!

Anyway, this linen is way more stretchy than the other, and is from a famous brand here in Rio called Cantão. This was my first attempt at trying to place pieces and work with a pattern, and I’m pretty happy with how it came out!

There, now I look happy! The daughter can actually take a good picture when she feels like it! :-p

So I’m not entirely sure my modification to the pattern was worth it. It’s tighter around the bust and somehow still feels a little gapey around the neckline. I probably need to work this out with my sewing teacher!


Well, that’s it for this week’s challenge, I hope you like my Eva dresses, I know I love them!

I just wish it weren’t this cold and that I could wear them around – we’re having the coldest weather in over 15 years. Don’t laugh now, but it actually came down to 8oC last night! At least I can look at my dresses and think of nice, sunny days. 🙂

5 thoughts on “One pattern, two ways: Eva Dress

  1. Love your dresses and you look lovely. I made the dress this weekend and I had the same experience with the neckline. I pinched the center and made a pleat.


  2. Love your dresses, they look so summery and cool, making adjustments can be frustrating when they cause new adjustments but they look great


  3. Nice work! I find gaping necklines really hard, but usually it’s that there is too much width in the neck hole and so I either grade the centre back seam in at the neck, or make a dart up the centre back if there is no centre back seam, or move the shoulders inwards a little. This seems to help. How did you make your adjustment?


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