Ginger jeans: sweet & savoury

I love making my favourite patterns multiple times – I figure when you know something works for you, it seems silly not to go wild. So for the ‘One pattern, Two ways’ contest I thought I’d make both version A & B of the Ginger Jeans pattern from Closet Case.

Version A with a low waist and narrow legs from Washed Mid Blue Stretch Denim  (97% cotton, 3 % elastine), with royal blue top stitching thread and straberry print pockets. They’re very sweet.

Version B is high-waisted and with skinny legs. Made out of black cotton twill (97% cotton, 3% spandex), no top stitching thread, and black and pink floral pockets and lined waist band. I decided not to attach the belt loops to B and used a Bachelor jean button.  If version A is sweet, then these ones are pretty savoury.

On both I repositioned the back pockets moving them up almost 3/4″ and in nearly 1/2″ which I think is a much more flattering position for them. I also applied fusible interfacing to the pretty lining of both pairs.

I love this pattern. Between the wonderfully laid out instruction booklet and the sewalong, the jeans come together remarkably well. I’ve got a gazillion more photos on my blog.

Front view

Fly zip with pretty facing.

Rear pockets

Front pockets

A bit of sillyness


10 thoughts on “Ginger jeans: sweet & savoury

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    • Thanks so much! I loved both versions (though I have made the high-waist version once before). Go for it! Its a great pattern – though its the only one i ‘ve used for jeans.


  2. Awesome work. And so agree re the positioning of the rear pockets. This is not a one size fits all choice in my mind, rumps can be made or destroyed with this!


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