Skatey Lady – One Pattern Two Ways!

So once again I had a fantastic time making up my IPM2k16 makes!

Choosing a pattern for this make was not hard for me at all – I’ve been wanting to add some Lady Skaters to my wardrobe for some time now, and this seemed the perfect opportunity.

Both were made from fabric from Aunty Francis, as all pieces are/will be for my IPM.


First up I made a dress out of two pieces of fabric that worked remarkably well together! I made the pattern up as a straight size 8 – by measurements I could have made a 7, however decided to go for an 8 as a) I knew my full bust measurement would not play nice with a size 7, and b) I’m a little cautious – it is far easier to make something smaller than larger!

Overall I really liked making the pattern up. I didn’t follow the directions 100% for inserting the sleeves or the upper neck band, rather I went with my preferred TNT methods for both, and it didn’t make any difference in the final product.


I did make some rather heavy notes on what to change the following times I make this lovely pattern up. These included cutting the sleeves 1.5 inches shorter (again with the chubby short arms!), reducing the shoulder height and sloping them outwards, lengthening the skirt by 2 inches (not that I mind short things, just have le massive butt and need a wee bit more fabric to cover it when I sit down!), and did a sway back adjustment. I only took out about 1 inch total, and you will see in my next one that I can probably afford to take another 0.5 to 1 inch out again!

I also decided with this make to try and completely destroy all of my mental faculties – I matched the damn stripes!


I wasn’t all that excited with matching the sleeve stripes – they’re an inch and a bit wide – but those side seams! Man, I must have been feeling extra confident the day I decided to match all those up. I am pleased I put in the effort though, it’s the kind of thing that would bug me incessantly if I hadn’t done it.

For my second Lady Skater I went with a beautifully soft mint green jersey which…well now that I’ve made it I am not 100% with the fabric choice. On the lower half it is a little clingy, but think that when I am wearing proper leggings underneath most of the problems will vanish. I have a RTW that is a similar fabric and that works fine when I have a good pair of leggings, so we shall see!


While the tumbly-area fitting isn’t perfect the rest of the alterations I made are pretty much spot on for me! The sloping of the shoulders and the shortening of them took away a lot of the weird bubbling I had at the shoulder/arm seam and makes it look much neater. And now the arms don’t cover my hands – hooray!


Here you can see that there is still some pooling on the centre back (not made better by my pose it seems!) but in person and wearing it there is far less than on the original dress, and it feels much more comfortable to wear.


Here you can see what a difference the shoulder sloping makes – no more bubbly bits!

The green dress also gets the honour of being the first garment I have sewn on my first every overlocker – which I got once I had glued, bolted, and plastimaked the casing back together! It belonged to my mum, had a wee fall, and since insurance couldn’t get replacement plastic casing for it (it’s probably close to my age) I got presented with it and a box of random plastic chunks that came off it to see if I could fix it. Top marks to Bernina, for making overlockers that won’t break internally if dropped on the floor!

I’ve got a few more ideas in mind for altering this pattern the next time I make it, some of which might make a preview for next week’s challenge!


6 thoughts on “Skatey Lady – One Pattern Two Ways!

  1. Red and blue are such a happy combination!! Love this dress and both your version 🙂 I am such a bad ‘back poser’ too I always seem to get myself on a strange angle.


    • Thanks! It makes me laugh that I can’t pose when it comes to make-pics – I’ve done burlesque and posing training, so can pose perfectly in varying states of undress yet can’t do it fully clothed it seems!


  2. Great stripe matching and I love the mix of red white and blue! That green fabric looks so cozy and yummy to wear…


    • I will be honest I don’t recommend matching stripes that small – did a real number on my eyes at the time! The green really is quite cozy, I have a pink of the same weight and can’t wait to sew it up.

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  3. Haha! My Husqvarna fell two stories inside a shipping container – it destroyed everything in its path, but still works fine. Also about as old as I am (40!). Love your makes, especially the fabric choice. Love me some red and blue stripes, and that soft green is just delish. *snaps*


    • That’s quite a tumble! Glad it survived (although it seems at the peril of all it met along the way!). I can’t claim ownership of the decision to choose the fabric, but it seems Aunty Francis and I have similar tastes!

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