Two Belcarra Blouses

This year is the first time I’m taking part in the Indie Pattern Month and I’m really enjoying it. So many beautiful clothes and so much inspiration! And I’m still amazed my dress made it into the top 14 last week!

For the one pattern, two ways competition I chose the Belcarra Blouse by Sewaholic. I have made two Belcarra blouses already and they are my go-to pieces in the summer. They are very comfortable and lightweight but look neat at the same time.


The first one is View B with pintuck sleeves. The fabric is printed cotton. I like the print very much even though I get slightly dizzy when I look at it for too long. Also the print looks a bit crazy combined with the tucks.


The second one is View C with a pocket and folded cuffs. It’s printed cotton again. When I bought the contrast fabric for my Melissa dress I got enough to make a summer blouse. And for contrast I used my main Melissa fabric.


Now while I have made Belcarra before this was my first one with a pocket and while I think that the rest of the instruction is very clear and detailed, the pocket part completely confused me. I don’t kown why, after all a basic patch pocket can’t be that hard! I almost felt like I should return my  sewing credentials (if I had any).


I tried to follow the instructions and  ended up with a very neat pocket that looked nothing like the pocket from the pattern and was also much too short. However, I liked the technique: the brim is folded and the seam allowance is encased on the top inside. So I cut a longer pocket piece and made a new pocket using the same technique. I think this will actually become my go-to technique for patch pockets when using lightweight fabrics.


I love my new Belcarras and I’m sure I will make more in the future!

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  1. Love your tops, they both look fab on you, thinking on buying this pattern as need a comfortable simple top for the summer


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