Lady Comino learns to Skate

So for my final IPM2k16 entry, I took some inspiration from an Instagram post by ModCloth which really caught my eye. I ended up going for a slightly more winter-appropriate dress by adding some sleeves, and I am so happy with what I ended up with!

I chose to use the Comino Dress pattern and the Lady Skater pattern from Kitschy Koo  and really hacked them to make it all work together.


I used a one-way stretch floral as my main fabric from Aunty Francis, and a 4 way stretch blue-grey for the contrast which had been in my stash a while. The combination of fabrics actually worked quite well, as the fit was going to be tightest on my arms so the 4 way stretch is a big help.

As with my previous two Kitschy Koo makes, I cut a size 8 in the pattern and it fits wonderfully with no adjustments (other than my hacks, listed below!)

For my hack I slashed the lower bodice fronts to add a contrast waistband in. I used clear elastic to reinforce both horizontal seams, for extra stability as the band is fairly stretchy and the skirt a little heavy. I blended the Lady Skater arm hole shaping onto the Comino sleeves to omit the cap sleeve and allow for long sleeves to be added. I went with t he 3/4 length Lady Skater sleeves as I think I find the length a little more practical. I also cut the sleeves, grading from a 6 out to an 8 from the top, so that they would fit a little better into the armscye. I left these intentionally a little big so I could get the slight puff effect along the top of the shoulders.


As with my second Skater from the previous challenge, I lengthened the skirt to give me a little more length and butt-coverage while seated. I also decided I wanted a bit more oomf in the skirt, so pivoted it from the fold when I cut it. The waist band corner stayed on the fold, but I had the bottom corner about 2 inches away from the fold, grading across from here. I like the added volume the skirt has with such a small adjustment! I also omitted all the topstitching on this dress – I felt that it would detract from how delicate the grey fabric is in person, and the varying bands are all staying exactly as they should without it.


Unlike last time I didn’t do a sway back adjustment. I would like to say this was down to careful planning and decision making, but that would be lying on the internet which we just can’t have! Indeed I completely forgot about my fitting issues in the back of my previous Kitschy Koo makes and just kept on making. In the end, I am really, REALLY glad I forgot, as the Comino bodice fits me perfectly without the sway back adjustment. (The folds on the pic aren’t excess fabric, just back rolls!) I am pretty impressed with the fit of this bodice and can definitely see myself using it again, and will definitely try one without the contrast waistband. (….maybe. I really quite like the look!)


Now those of you with eagle eyes will have noticed a white line running down the very centre of the floral bodice. This wasn’t there when I cut the fabric or started making the dress up. In fact, it wasn’t there until I tried it on the first time! It seems the fabric had the eensy, weensiest flaw and by sheer force of will my boobies busted it. I could have re-made the entire dress (ahahahaha. No.), but as the line is completely verticle, and in the very centre of the bust, I’ve decided to call it a design feature and keep it. I actually like it as it gives it a bit of a structured feel in my mind, which is nice in what is quite a feminine dress.

Overall, I can highly recommend both Kitschy Koo patterns I used for this dress, and also really recommend hacking them together – the skirt on the Skater is less fitted so feels a bit more dressy, and the sweetheart line of the Comino is just delightful, and together they are a perfect match.

Also, big thanks to our local pub for having such gorgeous coloured walls! We popped in and had a drink and some nachos for dinner after taking the pics – well worth it. If you’re a Quakey-city local, check out Pomeroy’s on Kilmore – excellent service and atmosphere. And good food!

Thank you so much to all our IPM2k16 organisers, sponsors, and participants – I’ve had an awesome year, and can’t wait for the next!

6 thoughts on “Lady Comino learns to Skate

  1. Okay this is awesome – you totally look like wonderwoman! That is a compliment 🙂 Also waves to chch local – another one here and Naomi (who commented above) is too 🙂 I think we worked this out on my spotty nettie post but now I ‘know’ who you are.


    • I had to laugh – I am far from fond of Wonder Woman! (Well, I just far prefer other BAMF female heroes haha) Myself it reminded me of Captain Marvel’s costume but with the colours reversed (and not trousers, lol)
      It is always great to find local sewcialists – sometimes it can feel like I’m the only one!!


  2. Love this! It’s like you have a bikini on over your dress 😉I love the contrasting fabrics – they look fab, and your fit looks impeccable.


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