Blank Canvas Tee Hack

Since I participated in IPM 2014 & 2015, I had to at least post something for this year, even if it is just a basic piece.

I played around a bit with so many people’s favorite “made-to-hack” pattern, Cake’s aptly named Blank Canvas Tee.
Since popping out the Bub I have been slowly getting into some of my clothes, but as I’m not trying to rush it and don’t really want to go buy a transition wardrobe, I’ve been living in maternity clothing still- not that I’m super complaining about that because it is AMAZINGLY COMFORTABLE- but since I was all round and big in the winter, I don’t really have many summery shirts.
This picture pretty much sums up my life at the moment: Coffee, cat toys, and BABY THINGS EVERYWHERE.
In a nutshell:  At the middle waist measurement I started grading it out a bit. For the sleeves I added wide bands which made it sort of like a drop sleeve style and lengthened and curved the hemline to make it like a loose tunic so I could wear yoga pants and have some coverage. I also dropped and widened the neckline. It’s a great pattern to hack because it’s the perfect t-shirt block and that allows you to make it your own, and a bunch of people have done some really awesome things with it. I made it out of jersey fabric- leftover reddish from some knit pants I made a while ago and the blue from the Mommy & Me cardigans I made for Inspiration Month.

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