Cross Back Nettie Hack

When I was looking for fashion images to copy for next week’s RTW challenge, I found this geeky fashion blogger and fell in love with this dress she wore, but because it was only one garment it couldn’t quite count for that challenge. So I decided to hack it for this challenge from the Nettie bodysuit pattern.

back side

I’ve been making shirts from this pattern for about two years now, and I’ve recently dabbled in some sleeveless versions. I’ve even attached skirts, but I have never entirely messed with the structure of the pattern.

Until now!

So here’s what I did:


1. Cut the front bodice pattern at the lengthen/shorten line. I think I cut it at the top one, since I’ve got a very short torso.

2. Trace out the full back, then draw new cut lines for the crossed back.


3. Cut out one front and two backs, and then the two sleeves. Also, I cut out a full circle skirt and two pockets.

4. Attach the bodice to the backs at the shoulder, attach bindings, sew in the sleeves, overlap and sew up side seams. Assemble the skirt and pockets.


5. Attach the skirt to the front bodice. Cut and sew elastic to the waist.

6. Decide not to hem the skirt because you’re already late for your weekend trip with your best friends.

The fabric is a nice buttery spandex knit. I think it’s a rayon blend, but I got it from a discount store without fabric content information, so I can’t be positive. It’s definitely a four way stretch, which is what I’m figuring out is the best option for my Nettie shirts, as I get a better fit without a FBA.


There actually was a “muslin” for this one that I made out of a two way stretch knit. It’s a nice peach color, and since I’m currently obsessed with the Hamilton musical, I’m calling it my Angelica tunic (since I didn’t have enough fabric for a real skirt) because of the peachy tone. I love it, but this hack definitely works better with a four way stretch fabric.

It also could make a good crop top if that’s more your speed, but crop tops bug me overall, perhaps because I don’t have many high waisted bottoms to wear them with.

I really enjoy this hack. I’ve never had a dress with back cutouts before, and I appreciate the ventilation it gives. It’ll definitely come in handy on one of the warm summer days that’ll surprise me in the near future.


And did I mention there are pockets?

(If you’re interested, you can find more of my makes on my blog here!)

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