Deer and Doe Mashup

What’s better than a pattern you love? Two patterns that you love. And when they love each other very much they can get together and create a new pattern. 😉

These are my two favourite Deer and Doe patterns to date: the Belladone dress and the Chardon skirt. I’ve had this mashup in my mind for over a year, I’d say, and this contest finally kicked my butt into gear. What I love most about the Belladone (as many others would agree) is the cutout in the back. The Chardon is an amazing staple piece. It’s got everything you could possibly want: *pockets*, good fit, quick construction. I love the pockets so much I use them on pretty much every dress I can that doesn’t come with inseam pockets.


To be honest, I’ve made these patterns so many times, I didn’t even look at the instructions. What I remember from the instructions for both is that not every step is illustrated, so you do have to read and not just go by the pictures. Also, I would really recommend stabilising the diagonal lines on the back cutout – either by doing a line of stitching or adding a strip of fusible interfacing – because the pieces can really warp if you don’t watch out. I don’t think this is part of the instructions.

This hack is very straight-forward. Here’s how I did it:

  1. Cut out the bodice pieces and the waistband pieces from the Belladone and the skirt pieces from the Chardon. (For my own adjustments, I also narrowed the shoulders by 2cm because I found on my previous versions that the outer shoulder would ride towards the center and I would get a weird ballooning of fabric above my bust).
  2. Sew the bodice as per the instructions in the Belladone pattern and attach the waistband.
  3. Sew the pockets and side seams of the Chardon skirt as per the instructions.
  4. For the pleats, pin each one of the box pleats and check to see if it matches up with the waistband. For me, it didn’t quite match, so I made the pleats closest to the sides slightly smaller in the front and back (I think this was because I had a larger bodice size than my skirt. To make sure, you could always trace a larger skirt size and make the pleats slightly larger if necessary, if you prefer).
  5. Baste a vertical line of stitching 2cm down for each pleat (like you would for the pleat on the Belladone skirt). Press each box pleat in place and baste them in place 1/2″ away from the edge.
  6. Attach the skirt to the waistband and remove the basting.
  7. Attach the zipper using your preferred method, hem the skirt and you’re done!


I think this dress is going to be perfect for summer! The fabric I used is linen, which is a fantastic summer fabric, and then paired with the cutout in the back is dynamite. Also, did I mention there are pockets?? The Chardon pockets are perfect for carrying your keys, phone, and a small wallet so there’s no need for a purse! Linen may not be my favourite fabric to cut and sew, as it’s very shifty, but the garments are always so wearable. Also, my sister told me that apparently linen lasts longer than cotton, so extra points for sustainability!



Pattern: the Belladone dress and the Chardon skirt from Deer and Doe

Fabric: Printed linen

Notions: matching thread, zip, bias binding

Pattern alterations: Narrowed the shoulder by 2cm, lengthened bodice by ~6cm, pleats near side seam are about 1/8″ narrower.

By the way, for my photos I’ve been using the “Fashionista Luxe” photoshop action, which you can get for FREE over at TheCoffeeShop Blog. There are tons of great tutorials and actions on her blog, so go check it out.

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