Rubydone or SewDoe?

Heya Peeps,

So I totally didn’t think I was going to manage an entry for ‘hack it’, then as I sat thinking one day last week I realised I could absolutely make a pattern hack from the gorgeous Belladone Deer and Doe dress with the Simple Sew Ruby dress.

I love the Ruby dress for its bodice – it’s a great design for my figure and treats my bust nicely despite its high neckline. I have at least 5 iterations of the full Ruby in my wardrobe at present but the full circle skirt can play havoc with a patterned fabric. Also it’s a total danger zone when on duty (as a teacher) on a windy day. Hello nana undies!   photo rubies.jpg

I originally bought the Belladone from Deer and Doe for the gorgeous cross over back and made it once this way. The Belladone is super short in the body so the second time I made it I lengthened it quite a lot in the bodice and left off the cute back detail. Another feature I love about it is the super cute pocket detail – pockets! am.i.right??  photo bellas.jpg

I felt like combining the 2 would make a really wearable dress.

I bought this fabric (which makes me all kinds of happy) from spotlight one day. It was one of those usual wonderful spotlight experiences where you wait in a queue 7 people deep while three people are at the counter, but only one is serving. If I hadn’t been so in love with the fabric and it wasn’t 30% off fabric day I might have given up in disgust. (An event I have seen happen to others on a semi-regular basis in spotlight).

 photo rubyd1.jpg

I lined the pockets in some offcuts of a navy broadcloth I used for another Ruby dress that I made with an op-shopped lace curtain.

 photo rubyd4.jpg

Then inspired by carmenross88’s pom-pom trim I whipped out some turquoise pom-pom trim for the hem – because my clothing mantra is clearly ‘more is more’. I used a lavender exposed zip to finish it – which I guess is kind of hack-it-ish too. It’s a fully opening zip but as my children have reached an age where it’s unlikely they will unzip it and expose me in public I feel okay about it. Living right on the ‘cutting edge’ here people!

 photo rubyd.jpg

See how the zip is wanting to undo – yeah I didn’t quite notice that as quickly as I should have, thankfully I was wearing a cardi during church! Problem amended with addition of hook and eye!

Essentially I followed the bodice instructions for the Ruby – accidentally leaving out the interfacing like usual because the instructions for putting it in and cutting it out aren’t included in the method!

Then I followed the Belladone skirt instructions. Attached the front and back pieces at the waist, put in/on the zip, did the side seams and pompom’d my way to blissful finish. I overlocked all the internal seams too, yay me.

 photo rubyd2.jpg

In my opinion Simple Sew patterns are really for people who already sew pretty confidently – they have minimal instructions, it’s impossible to find the amount of seam allowance and there is quite a lot assumed. Deer and Doe is rather different. Things are certainly more explained and they guide you through much more, although their pattern paper is really thick – like normal photocopier paper, so not so nice to pin onto fabric and work with.

I’ve had great use out of both of these patterns and I’m stoked with my hack. They married really well together and I feel like this is something I will get a lot of wear from and very possibly do again. Also this fabric + pockets? Whoop!

 photo rubyd3.jpg

Indie pattern sewists may your seams be straight, your fabric behave and may your photos look better than you hoped. Here’s to the RTW challenge – will I manage it?

Stitch on you crazy inspiring ladies! x

20 thoughts on “Rubydone or SewDoe?

  1. I really love your Ruby dresses!!! But yeah, circle skirts + wind = disaster :O The Belladonne skirt is definitely perfect for avoiding this. I love your fabric and the fact that you have a bold exposed zip at the back. Very cool.
    Kind of ironic that “Simple Sew” doesn’t have through instructions. You’d think with a name like that it would be straight forward, but apparently the simple and straight-forward is implied.

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  2. Hi Miriam, I really enjoyed reading your post, it was lively and entertaining. I could almost hear your ‘voice’ while reading. I for one like the fabric, I’m a blue person, but i’m not quite a fan of the exposed zipper. That bit didn’t work for me. I think you did a great job blending the 2 patterns, they really flowed well together and I can definitely see you making more versions of this hack. Happy Sewing!

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    • thanks bobbylees, the exposed zipper is definitely not something everyone goes in for, for sure. I am really happy with the blend. I think leaving off the zipper would create a chic-er silhouette and a more ‘grown up’ look. 🙂


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