Pendrell bow tie shirt and Moji skirt – Hack it!

Modifying and “hacking” sewing patterns comes to me naturally: the are so many ideas and not enough patterns, and the best way creating something unusual is to mix and match, and add a bit of your own twist. At the very beginning of Indie Pattern Month I invested into Pendrell blouse and Moji pants pattern. I have created three outfits so far: one for an upcoming wedding in September, the other for hot summer weekends and the third one for sporty days. This time I needed something for work, preferably in black. So here we go, hacked Pendrell bow shirt and Moji skirt. Enjoy!

Pendrell blouse - hacked 1

Patterns:  Pendrell blouse is a lovely semi-fitted top pattern form Sewaholic Patterns and comes with 3 options, but none of them had “classic” sleeves and higher neck. Moji pants is Seamwork pattern, that I fell in love with. It is easy, and comfortable, plus I love those grommets –  I modified  it into a skirt.

Hacks: for the blouse I added regular T-shirt sleeve, that I drafted myself. As well as bow tie with tiny V-neck opening for the ties. All pretty simple, all drafted myself – should not be upper difficult for those who sew. For the skirt, I simply measure my hip measurements and drafted a rectangular, layered this pattern with pants pattern and cut out two identical pieces, one for the front, one for the back. I did not modify waistband and pocket patterns.

Fabric: for the shirt I used black rayon bought on sale at Hanckocks fabrics and for the skirt I used stretchy material remnant from Wal-mart, tag did not specify what kind of fabric that was, but I guess stretchy satin.

I like how it came out, I think that the shirt came out a bit more simple and not as dreamy, and skirt is easy to dress up and down. Happy sewing, everyone!

Pendrell blouse - hacked details

Pendrell blouse - hacked back

Pendrell blouse - moji skirt

Pendrell blouse - moji skirt front

Pendrell blouse - hacked

4 thoughts on “Pendrell bow tie shirt and Moji skirt – Hack it!

  1. I really like the fabric you chose for the top to make the ruffles more structured and less pronounced, it seems most versions I’ve seen have been more flowy ruffles. Also, good combination of different black textures to make the all-black outfit interesting.


  2. Those two pieces are perfect for you. Great idea to use black fabric for both the blouse and skirt, and to use the contrast of satin which has a shine for the skirt. May I suggest that we need to press as we sew? I love that you drafted the pattern pieces as you wanted. Excellent outfit.


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