A new Astoria silhouette with an easy hack

Astoria pattern hackThis may not be the most complicated pattern hacking I’ve done, but I do love how it turned out and it does make quite a different top than the original.

Astoria by GrayAllDayMy new love is (slightly) cropped tops, but after the last 2 I whipped up I realized that I don’t have much for my bottom half with a higher waistband to go with them. That makes me sad, but don’t worry, I’ll make some new things! In the meantime, though, I want to embrace the emphasis on my waist so I added a double chiffon ruffle to the Seamwork Astoria sweater instead of the bottom band. It really changed the top and made it fun and flirty.

IMG_2671I guess I won’t need to provide a tutorial for how to do this one, right? Just a tedious and tiny hem on both ruffles and a slight gather at the top, then I added them to the top while I stretched it slightly so it will fit over my head. I did a nice job stripe matching across the sleeves, too, if I do say so. I used the white stripe as the neckline to balance the white peplum at the bottom.

The Astoria is quite a hack-able pattern, and I may try more variations in the future. I love contests like these because they get me thinking of all the possibilities and then I’m on a roll. Thank you, Monthly Stitch!seamwork Astoria pattern

8 thoughts on “A new Astoria silhouette with an easy hack

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  3. I love this top, chiffon really works to keep the bulk down. I’m not confident with my mummy tummy but this is a great way for me to join in with the crop top trend, the hem looks hard though, I need to work on my baby hems!


  4. That is the cutest top ever! Love the combination of stripes with the chiffon. I am a fan of peplum/ruffles and, if the hack is easy, count me in! Thanks for the inspiration.


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