Hack it French Style – Asymetric La Parisienne Top

Hi everyone,

I am a regular visitor of the site, but this is my first time writing to Monthly Stitch.  I am super excited to be part of this community and hopefully you will enjoy my post. Last two weeks was the busiest time for me in the office, for the first time in the last 6+ years I needed to work on a weekend. Despite going through the busiest time ever, I still couldn’t resist the temptation of IPM 2016 Hack it contest and decided to make a copy cat of one of my favorite tops. I am writing this post in between two meetings in the last few minutes of the contest. Please forgive me for any misspellings.

This top I am wearing in the pictures, is actually a copycat of a RTW top I have bought long ago. Each time I wear my RTW top, I was getting questions like, “This top is so nice, did you made it” and sadly I was finding myself answering in shame “No, I think it’s difficult to make.” However, over the last year I started drafting my own patterns, and became the queen of the hacks. I pretty much hack all my patterns and and sometimes do a huge changes compared to original design. So I decided to hack La Parissienne dress from Louise Antoinette and make myself a lovely top.

La Parissienne is actually a lovely dress pattern, which comes with a front and a back outer layer top and two separate designs for the inner top. I used the outer layer top, cut a size 34, added 2 cm in lenght and also added around 5cm around the middle of the front top so that I can make an asimetric waist line. I didn’t follow the instructions, as the ones I had was all in French. I find it a little tricky to attach the pdf pieces together. I would like to tell the designer that I love love love the pattern but they should update the pdf pattern with some empty space around the pages as not all printers can print the full lenght of the A4 paper.

Later I drafted the asimetric peplum shape by measuring the TRW top. The peplum is actually a piece of fabric cut in L shape where the inner corner of the L attaches to the waist which I re-drafted to have a soft triangle shape. The length of the peplum is around 15 cm. In this picture you can see the peplum opened up with a funny smile on my face. 


I recently moved between continents, so I have no stash so I used some recently bought white cotton fabric from a local store in San Francisco downtown, it was a pre-cut piece, I didn’t had enough fabric left to add arms. I also didn’t had a white zip, which I added to the top, so I used a cream colored zip, which doesn’t meet my perfection requirements but still don’t harm the overall look.


The original top I had was black and had more drape and was a polyester blend fabric. I love the color and the texture of the fabric, but next time I will make sure I have a more drapy fabric.

Summary of the changes to the original pattern I made:

  • lengthened the top by 2 cm+ added triangle shape
  • added a self drafted L-shaped peplum (peplum is lined)
  • for a non-fitted look added 2 cm from the middle back and cut the back on fold (Which means I discarded the seam allowance)
  • inserted a semi-exposed zip on the back


Looking forward for your feedback.

10 thoughts on “Hack it French Style – Asymetric La Parisienne Top

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  2. Brilliant! I have a top that has a asymmetrical peplum that I’ve wanted to copy for awhile. Thanks for deconstructing it…and I love you choice of fabrics too. Well done!

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    • Thank you. Making the peplum turned out much easier than I expected for me. Just make the copy of the peplum you like. Make sure the dimensions on the waist and the part of the peplum you will be connecting to the body are matching.

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