Hacked Bow plantain


A few years ago I found this beautiful RTW top that you could buy secondhanded. I loved the top but it was too expensive for being secondhanded. So I saved this to my computer for a later make.


A few months later (I sewed for just a few months) I first tried to remake it by using the free plantain top from Deer & Doe. I didn’t have any experience yet so I was stupid enough to make it in a cotton instead of a fabric with stretch😉 I always kept the pattern at the back of my mind. 

plantian 2

Last week I found this beautiful stretch fabric for only €1,5 in the thriftstore. Although it had a hole in it, I tried to fit the pattern. I had to shorten the sleeves, but was able to make it out of the fabric! So happy! And just in time for the ‘hack it’ challenge from the monthly stitch😉. So this time no free pattern friday, but free pattern tuesday for those who follow my blog 😉😉

 Hope you like it!! Because I had lots of questions on facebook how to make it, I added a small tutorial. Hope you like it😉





!! Keep in mind that I’m a self-taught sewer with no technical background. So I can’t garantee that this is the best solution to make a top like this. But I’m happy with it; and that’s the most important thing😉 !!


  1. Change the back pattern into something like this:


left= before, right = afterDSC00946

I placed the new pattern on top so you can see the difference..


2) Make the pattern as explained. Don’t forget to alter the neckband because you lengthen the neckband. I took 70% of the total length. It was about 70cm in total then.

3) Make a bow. I used this tutorial on youtube: So basically cut out 2 rectangles: 22cm x 25cm and 5,5 cm x 7,5cm. It was a little bit small so I advice to make it a bit bigger😉. Fold them length wise, stitch and turn it right side out. Fold it width wise, stitch and turn it right side out. Now fold it like a harmonica and hold still with a pin. Do the same with the small rectancle. Now place it on top of your harmonica. Now you have a bow😉

4) Measure from the shoulder seam the exact distance downwards (I took 4cm). Place it on the inside. Stitch on the same place where your stitched your neckband😉

You’re done!! Enjoy your pretty blouse!


// PATTERN: Plantain (added a bow and changed the neckline) – Deer and Doe //
// FABRIC: thrifted, €1,5 //

Are you also planning on making a bow blouse? If you are making one using this tuto, please send me the link! I’m Superduber curious😉 Or comment on my blopost on my blog here



Btw I found out that Tilly from Tilly at the buttons made also a bow blouse but with another bow, another neckline, and another pattern (nettie from Closet case files). But if you want some other advice or inspiration, you can find it here 😉

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