Noa – all grown up


I didn’t think I would be able to post anything during Hack It week on the Monthly Stitch, hacking patterns is not something I generally do.  I might add the odd pocket or turn a top into a dress, but nothing really big.

Then Marte at Compangie M. released the Noa Pant pattern for kids for 1-10 years and I just loved the pocket detail and I really wanted a pair.


So how do you change a kids pattern into an adult pattern.  A printer, a photocopier and a lot of sticky tape.  I also used an existing pattern that I knew fitted to compare and contrast.  I enlarged the pocket and top half of the trouser pattern by 120% and extended the crotch at the front and the back.  

I then did something I never do, made a muslin and it’s a good job I did because I needed to add a 3cm insert if I wanted to get the trousers over my hips.  


Here’s the pocket details I love so much.


I think I may need to move the button down a little.  The dark blue is a lovely bamboo cotton mix and the light blue is linen (I hope they wash well together), both crease like it is going out of fashion.  I did think about changing they from elasticated to a fitted waistband, but that was just going to be too complicated in the timescale given.  And finally a sympathy shot, Hagrid got an ouchie last week chasing after Bonnie, who was chasing after a squirrel.


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