IPM Sponsor Colette Pattern’s favourite pattern “hacks”

Returning this year to sponsor Indie Pattern Month we are excited to welcome back Colette Patterns

Mel caught up with Meg from Colette to find out how easy their patterns are to “hack it”…

Hi Meg! Welcome back to Indie Pattern Month, let’s talk pattern hacking…

We love to hack patterns. We love it so much that we’ve even put together several pattern hacks for our favorite designs. These hacks take you through the process step-by-step, and teach you fun ways to customzie your patterns.

Since last week at Indie Pattern Month was all about hacks, here are some of our favorite hacks for our patterns:

One of our most popular hacks is the Modified Laurel. Sarai sewed up this sweet little number for herself, reminiscent of something you might buy at Madewell or J. Crew. It turned out so great, we made a downloadable hack for it.

You can download the tutorial and hack on the blog here.

We’ve even started doing some hacks for our Seamwork designs. Adelaide is the perfect dress for summer, and we hacked a flirty version with a cut-away yoke. You could definitely apply this technique to your other summer tank top patterns!

You can download the tutorial here.

Sometimes the best hacks involve really simple details, a way to make your garment truly unique. That was the inspiration behind the Peony with a Shoulder Yoke hack. The gathers added at each shoulder are not only a design interest, they also offer soft shaping in the bust, echoing the gathers at the waist. It really takes your dress up a level.

You can download the hack here.

Finally, our most favorite hacks come from you! It is so fun to see different interpretations of the same pattern.

Jenny from Cashmerette hacked Moneta into a maternity maxi dress for her friend.

Natasha from A Confident Beginner used the pattern hack featured on Hart’s Fabrics blog to turn the Seamwork Akita blouse into a dress.

Katie from What Katie Sews changed things up on her Aster blouse. She added cap sleeves and ommitted the yoke pieces for a custom look.

The best thing about pattern hacks is that you end up learning about pattern drafting. You learn how garments are put together, what tweaks need to be made to get the right fit, and how to add custom details. You can make each garment uniquely yours. After all, isn’t that what sewing is all about?

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