IPM Sponsor Indiesew’s Top Creations

Returning this year to sponsor Indie Pattern Month we are excited to welcome back Indiesew

Mel caught up with Allie, co-founder of Indiesew, to get some inspiration from her favourite user-generated creations…

Hi Allie! Welcome back to Indie Pattern Month!

Greetings Monthly Stitch Readers! I’m Allie, the co-founder of Indiesew.com and I’m so excited to be a guest here today. This is our second year supporting Indie Pattern Month and it’s a cause that’s near and dear to my heart. We started Indiesew with a passion for sewing and a desire to support small independent sewing pattern designers. After two full years in business I’ve connected with hundreds of indie designers who constantly impress me with their talent, tenacity, and willingness to collaborate. This is one amazing, inspiring industry.

For Indie Pattern Month, I thought I’d share a bit of inspiration from Indiesew.com. We currently have nearly 800 user-generated creations on our site, and over 500 reviews of our indie sewing patterns. Women of all shapes and sizes have uploaded their photos to give others a chance to see what the pattern looks like sewn up in different sizes and fabric. The sampling of creations inspires me daily.

So today I’m rounding up my ten all-time favorite creations from Indiesew! Let’s check them out:

Lindsay’s Bombshell Swimsuit

A bright, colorful swimwear fabric and a fun retro, bathing suit design marries perfectly in Lindsay’s creation. Not to mention the fit is spot on.

Erin’s Lou Box Dress

Erin lengthened the Lou Box Top into a shift dress silhouette and paired it with a pair of Swedish clogs. It’s summertime perfection. See it here.

Teri’s Fen Dress

Teri’s Fen Dress is exactly the kind of outfit I want to wear everyday. A lightweight denim fabric works perfectly with this relaxed-fit design by Fancy Tiger Crafts.

Meg’s Inari Tee Dress

I love this tropical take on the ever-popular Inari Tee Dress by Named Patterns. Meg used a Malaysian batik fabric for a one-of- a-kind look. Check it out here.

Jenn’s Cascade Duffle Coat

I’m not sure any description would do Jenn’s Cascade Duffle Coat justice. A lovely patchwork design adorns the back and faux fur lines the hood. It is jaw dropping.

Melissa’s Marianne Top

Melissa sewed this top for our 2015 Spring Collection and added a fun side slit detail! Click over to her post to see how she further modified this pattern.

Mie’s Pleated Pencil Skirt

Mie added a center front zipper to this great sewing pattern and then offered a full tutorial on the process on her blog. Don’t miss it here!

Sophie’s Birkin Flares

The Birkin Flare madness only intensifies when a creation like this pops up. Sophie’s Birkin Flares are the perfect fit and I adore how she styled them!

Sherri’s Marmalade Jacket

Sewing with faux leather is no joke and Sherri mastered it with this stunning Marmalade Jacket. Check out the beautiful lining she added here!

Debbie’s Ella Top

My own mother and Indiesew’s most popular sewing pattern were destined to make this list. I love how she added a button back closure to this great basic tank. See her creation here.

Are you in need of some sewing inspiration? Hop on over to the Indiesew Creations page and browse through what others have recently made. Also, check out our Pinterest profile for more ideas and tutorials to help you on your way to a fully handmade wardrobe!

Happy sewing!