RTW – floral, spots, plaid, colours!

Hey stitchy-peeps,

It’s week four and this is my fourth entry into IPM this year! I’m actually pretty proud of managing something every week, a first for me in IPM.

Including today’s post, I have made 7 garments for IPM 2016, using patterns by Closet Case Files, Deer and Doe, Simple Sew, Big Little and Maison Fleur. That’s 5 different designers!

 photo rtw6.jpg

When the mods announced this final competition I raced off to my pinterest style board to hunt down something I wanted to work with. I knew it would need to be separates to satisfy the criteria.

 photo gorman1.jpg

In the end I selected this combo Gorman Autumn Winter 2012 image, for the use of different discordant patterns and colours. I loved the subtly patterned pants with the plaid of the jacket and the fact that there was no attempt to tie the colours or patterns to each other.

 photo rtw1.jpg

First up I started with Simple Sew’s Classic Trouser pattern. This was the first time I’d tried these pants and I cut out a size 12. The fit is sort of okay – it’s a bit big around the waist for me and a little lower than I’d usually go for. I have a bit of waist band gaping at the back. The fabric I used was quilting fabric gifted from a friend.

 photo troutrous.png

I’m not convinced this is the right pants pattern for me. In terms of sew it’s easy to put together. Simple Sew patterns have minimal instructions – one folded A3 – but they work without too much head scratching. I’d love it to include some front pockets and, for bum-flattering, some back pockets could also improve this for my figure.

 photo rtw3.jpg

The little top was the final choice of pattern. I was very lucky to be selected as a finalist and winner in week 1 and one of the things I won was Maison Fleur’s sweet top pattern.

 photo rtw11.jpg

I took a departure from my inspiration here. As a lady with boobs, rubgy player shoulders and a wide neck (I sound so attractive right now!) turtle neck tops/ skivvys are not a good combo on me, ever!

 photo maisin2.png

Instead, I chose a piece of very special fabric I’ve been holding onto for ages. I’m pretty sure it came from an old 60s curtain. It is quite a stiff cotton, so I decided not to interface the facings but I did still interface along the zip line, which was a new technique to me.

I really enjoyed the Maison Fleur pattern. At the beginning the pattern runs through the sewing sequence in bullet points which means if you are an experienced sewist you could essentially just follow that. Other than that it’s very step by step, good explanations and illustrations. It’s a PDF pattern with layered options so you can just print the size you want.

 photo rtw13.jpg

This top was so quick and easy to throw together but includes good techniques like under stitching and the zip is inserted into the side seam running downwards.

My favourite feature of this pattern is the little shoulder flaps with buttons, view 2. Initially I thought the button flaps were on the front (which I definitely plan to do another time!). I let my 2 sick children – yes I was finishing this whilst dealing with 2 vomiting children! – choose the buttons from my button stash and they chose these lovely ones.

 photo rtw.jpg

Full disclaimer – the flaps are actually supposed to have button holes and buttons but as they don’t need to open to get the top on and off I didn’t see the point of creating button holes through the layers of quite thick fabric – so I just sewed the button on through all the thicknesses.

 photo maison1.jpg

I cut a straight size 14 – falling in between the 12 and 14 on the pattern measurements. In all I think I probably could have made the 12 I find it a really nice shape on and not clingy anywhere. I will definitely make this top again. As a more tailored top option it is so easy to make and very user friendly in terms of instructions and pieces.

Finally I used a pattern from Big Little. Lisa mainly makes children’s and craft patterns but last year released this ‘Pixie Coat’ pattern which goes all the way through from infants to adults. It comes as a layered PDF file as well.

 photo pixie green.jpg

Although the jacket in my inspiration is shorter I wanted a more duffle style of coat as I know I will get loads more wear from it in my everyday life. I landed this amazing green checked wool at a very fun op-shop fabric trip with my sister. The lining was a  gift from someone we house sat for recently and was bought in Thailand. I love the way the two colours play off against each other.

 photo rtw10.jpg

Because of the types of fabrics I individually overlocked every piece before I started. Even though it is fully lined this coat is very simple to put together. There are minimal pattern pieces and lots of photos included in the procedure.

I decided to use red buttons to tie the outer fabric to the lining and found these, which remind me of great melted lollies in my button tin.

 photo rtw8.jpg

Overall I’m really happy with this look. The pants are going to have to earn a place in the wardrobe but the other 2 are going to get all sorts of wear with different things as well as each other. I had some fun with socks and high heels for the photos just because it was supposed to be a copycat but really the flat pink shoes (which I adore) are more likely to get used here. (I also made the earrings).

 photo rtw7.jpg

I’ve really enjoyed IPM and I am SO impressed with y’all and the amazing things you have managed to achieve this month. Special shout out to our mods who must be exhausted with all the reading and collating and allocating and interviewing and also to ALL the amazing sponsors. I’ve been thrilled to be introduced to new  to me companies and I have some definite new items on my wishlist.

 photo rtw5.jpg

Till July – may your iron be hot when required, your sewing room warm and your overlocker never need to be re-threaded!

Peace out you stylish mavens of the needle and thread.

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  2. Everything you made is just wonderful! You are a true sewing inspiration. Way to go with all that you have made for the month! I second your shout out to everyone who participated, to the ladies who put this all together, and the sponsors. 🙂

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  3. Nice work Mrs! I think before sending the pants to the naughty step, you should try some tucked in options with tops. Love the top colours and fabric. Nice pattern for the top too.

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  4. You have a genius eye for color and pattern! I can’t put two colors together to save my life. I’m in awe. Great fit for every piece and that eclectic style suits you to a tee.

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