“Hacking It” with Laura from Sew Chic

Sew Chic is one of our returning sponsors for Indie Pattern Month 2016. Laura from Sew Chic designs beautiful womens patterns with a vintage touch to them, and often quite intricate detailing. She’s a huge fan of pattern “hacking”, and was one of the guest judges on our “Hack It” contest. Kat caught up with her to find out more about Sew Chic and her thoughts on “hacking”….

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Hi Laura, and welcome back to Indie Pattern Month! For those readers who weren’t here last year, can you tell us a bit about your style and aesthetic?

Thank you, Kat! It’s fantastic to be participating again this year. Indie Pattern Month is AMAZING and I’m honored to be a sponsor.

My style can be summed up in three simple words: I Love Vintage! It’s feminine, classic, and chic (pronounced sheek), a word taken from the French meaning “elegantly and stylishly fashionable.” However, I don’t do reproductions. I seek to take elements of vintage design and present them in a modern, wearable, and figure flattering way.

Sew Chic Beatrice bodice combined with the Ginseng skirt

Sew Chic Beatrice bodice combined with the Ginseng skirt

You have a whole Pinterest board of Sew Chic pattern hacks. Which is your favourite hack?

That is a difficult question, but if forced to choose I would pick the Fantasia/Victory suit, simply because I pulled through on a creative endeavor with many limitations on that one. Working with a wholesale fabric vendor for an event, I was given small yardages of this high quality suiting and shirting fabric. The vendor asked me to make a skirt and blouse, but the fabric style wasn’t a good match for the ultra feminine patterns I had published, and there was no time for a new style. The idea came me; use the Fantasia pattern and split this fabric using the shirting for the bodice and the suiting for the skirt. Paired with the Victory Jacket, and I’ve got a faux 1940’s suit style! Mission accomplished, and I love the result!

Fantasia/Victory suit

Fantasia/Victory suit

What inspires you to create a pattern hack?

I’m not the kind to want to make the same thing over and over again. I like variety, so ideas just come to me. Usually it starts with a fabric that has a certain flavor that needs exploring, and I take my cues from that. All of my patterns are top to bottom mix and match so it’s easy to create a new style from two patterns without having to be super creative. Many of these I have made up and show you the result. I hope my pinterest board gives others great ideas of their own.

A variation of the Ehlen blouse pattern

A variation of the Ehlen blouse pattern

You’ve got so many beautiful patterns – which is your favourite to wear, and why?

That’s an impossible question to answer. It’s like asking me which of my children do I love the most! I love each of them equally, and can enjoy the personality that is unique to that style. I have something to wear that is appropriate for any occasion and suits my every mood!

Ginseng pattern bodice with skirt from Fifth Avenue dress pattern

Ginseng pattern bodice with skirt from Fifth Avenue dress pattern

Can you share with us one or two of your favourite garments you’ve seen people make with your patterns?

I teach at the American Sewing Guild conference almost every year, and one student sent me a photo of the Valentine Slip she finished from that class. The class is called “Lingerie the Vintage Way.” That was special for me:

Valentine slip one of Laura's students made

Valentine slip one of Laura’s students made

Another special share was of the Spin Skirt, adapted for Ballet. SO beautiful!

Spin skirt for ballet

Spin skirt for ballet

I really enjoy seeing what people do with my patterns! The Tia dress has been a top seller, and because it’s also my Craftsy class, I’ve seen it made by others the most often. No matter the fabric print or the body type, it looks great on everyone. I’ve seen it casual and formal occasions, with a belt or without, sleeveless and with sleeves and it always looks fantastic. I have pinterest boards for the Craftsy class makes, and any customer creations that I find, so please send your links and photos my way!

Constance bodice joined with the Tia skirt

Constance bodice joined with the Tia skirt

Thank you so much for chatting with us Laura, and telling us a bit more about Sew Chic! Your Pinterest boards are full of gorgeous creations – it’s so much fun seeing how your patterns can be mix and matched to create new styles. 🙂

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