Vintage style dress : RTW Copy

Hello everyone,

I can hardly believe June is almost over and IPM is coming an end. This is one of my entries for the last challenge : RTW copy. Here is my picture of a fashion blogger outfit I have loved on Pinterest for years.



It was challenging finding out where this picture had come from as all the repins on Pinterest had no source. I eventually tracked it down to a fashion blogger @jxxsy  n IG and  found out that it was a vintage dress.

Armed with the info I needed I shopped the stash for a suitable fabric. I have had this medium weight cotton fabric for a long while now and thought the blue was a good enough fit. It has grey dragonflies among the white ones. Its such a lovely print…..a touch of the whimsical about it.

Cami shirt dress

I decided to use the Cami Dress by Pauline Alice patterns. I have had this in my stash since I saw Corrine Appleby’s gingham entry from last year’s IPM.

My first muslin, in size 36, was way too small though my measurements fit that. I went a size up to 38. That fit OK across the bust but I couldn’t raise my arms beyond 60 degrees. So I raised the armscye and reduced my seam allowance to 3/8″ and that did the trick. Other adjustments included:

  1. Drafting a peter pan Collar. Pauline has got a sewalong to follow with a section on drafting a peter pan collar.The finished collar with pink floral bias  binding  makes for a quirky element.
  2. I also raised front neckline by 1/4″ so the collar was just touching my neck.
  3. I wanted to have a lovely fifties puff to the dirndl style skirt o counterbalance the gathered waist. A horsehair braid to the  the hem gives the dress a bit of the fifties style flare.
  4. I made the belt using a belt kit.

In order to complete the outfit I wanted something in keeping with fifties style. My initial attempt at hacking a Sewaholic Renfrew top into a cardigan did not fit with this style. I decided a cute bolero was the way to go. Throughout this challenge I have been using stash items so I was very reluctant to buy a pattern or indeed fabric. Browsing through Pinterest I stumbled upon Sew So Easy patterns which have a lot of free patterns and one of them was for a shrug. I sewed it up in no time at all and I do really like it. I expect more of these stash busting cuties. There are only 3 seams to sew and I hemmed using a simple zigzag stitch. I went for french navy blue so I could create a monotone look. Pictures…..Cami Skater Renfrew photoshoot 076Cami Skater Renfrew photoshoot 098Cami Skater Renfrew photoshoot 122Cami Skater Renfrew photoshoot 135Cami Skater Renfrew photoshoot 151Cami Skater Renfrew photoshoot 158Cami Skater Renfrew photoshoot 191Cami Skater Renfrew photoshoot 204Cami Skater Renfrew photoshoot 222Cami Skater Renfrew photoshoot 223Cami Skater Renfrew photoshoot 242Cami Skater Renfrew photoshoot 250Cami Skater Renfrew photoshoot 261Cami Skater Renfrew photoshoot 290Cami Skater Renfrew photoshoot 303Cami Skater Renfrew photoshoot 304PicMonkey CollageHeader pic

I love this outfit. Its a cheery sort of outfit. I am so pleased with  it – its not a style I have tried before. Its a very comfortable shirt dress indeed!

Thank you so much for checking out my post!

Peace and love!



14 thoughts on “Vintage style dress : RTW Copy

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  2. I love everything about this dress. It looks great on you and the fabric is adorable. Great job on the neckline. It looks just like your inspiration photos!


  3. I’m so flattered – thank you (although your version looks much better than mine!). How gorgeous does your dress look? It looks so like your inspiration photo. And I love that belt and shrug too!


  4. WOW, I LOVE this dress, its absolutely darling. The fabric color is very bright and fun, it’s like looking at the sky, very nice I see why you admired it so much. Great RTW choice.


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